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Posted: 7/20/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Here is a neat little blogging tool if you have firefox browser, I am trying it out as we speak, I have my wordpress blog set to use it to. What it does is it gives you a little icon at the bottom of the page (your status bar) and you click it and it opens a little post window where you can write a post such as I'm doing right now and then post it to your blog, when setting up blogger though when I was going through the motions of you know log-in information and so forth it came up and showed the feed, you will know what I mean if you try it, anyway, it did not seem to work well by using example;
but when I used "full" instead of "default" it took it. It will show this link after you put the address to your blog. I am using the new Aquatint Black firefox theme you can try it at the link provided I liked the original Aquatint theme so I tried this black one and it looks great, it is black but not too black. You will notice a new template i am trying out it is a fluid template so on a little screen you still see the whole page and it don't cut any off, I tried the 3 column fluid but one side bar would drop to the bottom when you scrunched it up this one does not. I increased the font on this one from 0.7em to 0.9em to make it more readable, Carol asked about the expandable post, that is the peekaboo view from Hackosphere there is a link to his blog in my sidebar "hacks & Links" the label cloud is from Phydeaux3 I worked on the color a long time but I got it matching pretty good, I also increased the font on the label cloud. When I set up the wordpress one, it took it without any errors? This add-on should prove useful to us blogging fanatics it is called ScribeFire and you can try it at the link I provided.

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  1. Beth says:

    Good information. Once I've moved, (ugh) after next week, I'm starting a word press blog and I'm going to play around with firefox add-ons.

  1. Floyd says:

    Well I spoke a little to soon,,(I assumed) it worked with wordpress because it took my information but I can't get it to work there, but the blogger one works great. Wordpress has some nice themes but you have to pay to edit the HTML, the folks over at blogcrowds are implementing wordpress themes into blogger. At the bottom of the sidebar you will see a link to them they have tons of templates,,2 columns and 3,,fluid and fixed. I saw 3 wordpress themes there, the 'cutline' theme works great here and the 'misty' theme works great here and the 'sahara' I have tried all those and they work great here. Things look better in firefox to me, for example the drop-down menus in firefox have a dark background and when you go over them the link turns blue, I did not get that affect with IE-7. The label cloud looks better in firfox also, but I need a computer upgrade so I am not much of a critic. Plus I am waiting for our cable to install 'high speed' should be sometime this month, this dial-up is killing me, I deleted a bunch of stuff off this computer from the disk to gain space. Firefox has so many ex- tensions and add-ons you can get, IE don't compare. Thanks for coming by and by the way I posted to Blogging America an article about a 75 year old woman who had the fastest Internet on earth, (Sweden) it is blistering fast download a high definition DVD in 2 seconds flat,,that is what we need,,later my friend.

  1. Floyd says:

    I hate it when them links come out like that,,here is the address;
    it added before my link?