The Purpose

Posted: 7/18/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Ever wonder is your life is just random chance or you have a purpose of being here? This is a story of a man who preformed CPR on a woman until help arrived and apparently the ordeal lasted up to 20 minutes. What is also interesting is that the man himself was saved earlier in life from drowning, makes one wonder about the purpose in life doesn't it. I would say that all of us have known of cases similar to this that have not made world news but that we have know to happen personally, I knew of cases like this myself maybe a little different but basically the same. Some believe that we are just floating in space breezily along, but I for one believe that all of us has a purpose to being here and have touched others in life with our own whether it is actually saving someone from death or speaking words to maybe make one think twice about committing suicide, whoever we may be if we think back in our lives we can come up with quite a few examples of our own.When I read this it make me think of George Bailey, It's A Wonderful Life movie that I have seen so many times and how he was depicted in the film of touching so many lives that he had took for granted. I broke from politics a little to share this post with you and to give you a little insight if I can to who I am and my beliefs. If we have no hope of the afterlife than why are we here and what is the purpose to our existence? I believe that not only this man or this circumstance was random but that God has a purpose for all of us, when you get time set down and think about your life and you will soon find that had it not been for you some others would not be around.
Woman dead for 20 minutes | The Daily Telegraph


  1. You know last year was a hard time for me. I went to New York to bid farewell to an old friend, the next month my uncle and I was talking about surgery I had, death and my old friend.

    The next morning I was informed that he was found dead in his home. I am still getting over all this and it makes one ask a lot of questions

  1. Beth says:

    Nice change, BTW.

    Last year, an old friend of mine tragically died in an automobile accident. Two weeks later, my mom had emergency surgery for newly diagnosed colon cancer; she died one month later. During the delerium that overtook her post-surgery, mom carried out conversations with my dead friend, whom she had known and loved.

    I am convinced that my friend Mary was a guide during my mother's illness and death. It made me feel better knowing mom had Mary during this time.

    Thanks for mentioning one of my favorite movies, Floyd. Great post.

  1. Floyd says:

    I had a sister that passed last year of lung cancer and I saw on CNN the Larry King show that is to air tomorrow, the guest was Tammy Faye who is dying of lung cancer and it brought back the memories of my sister who also passed from the same illness. My cousin who died last week was also close to me, about two weeks ago I had went to see her and she mentioned my sister coming to her bedside, this was about close to a month before she passed. I believe that there are quote unquote guides if you will that has went on before come to show us the way, this happened to my wife who died in 1996 and also my father who passed in 1978 and in both these cases a passed loved one was mentioned, my wife had a dream of her mother coming to meet her this was about 3 days prior to the death and my dad mentioned his mother in our presence about 1 day prior to his death. Yep this reminded me of old George Bailey, one of my favorite movies of all time.

  1. Beth says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Floyd. Another great look to your blog!

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks Beth, I love to try out these templates but I have to try and figure how I can save my info. (widgets) I think they have to be saved in a file? Anyway I like to try out the new templates to see how they will look, I like this one nice and not to bright.