The Lugar/Warner Amendment

Posted: 7/16/2007 by Floyd in Labels: , ,

Here is another great one from TPM Cafe, no doubt you have heard of the Lugar Warner amendment concerning the Iraq war and have heard Lugar's speech on it but have kind of been in the dark on how exactly the actual wording is or wonder if it does have any teeth to it. This post has a link where you can read the actual document for yourself and decide just what this will entail the administration is to do on Iraq, don't be fooled into thinking this is some cure all for Iraq or that this is putting any pressure on the administration to change it's policy anytime soon there. They will add no action until October after when Petraeus is supposed to deliver the so called 'grand insight' on Iraq, the amendment actually follows exactly what the administration has asked for, some Republicans such as Lugar have made grand and enticing statements in recent weeks concerning the war due mostly to the unpopularity of it back in their districts, in other words it is to pacify their constituents back home while in the reality of the game it offers us nothing more than biding time for a failed policy.
Lugar And Warner Amendment A Tough Challenge To Bush? Not So Much. TPMCafe


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