The Last Jews of Baghdad - TIME

Posted: 7/30/2007 by Floyd in Labels: ,

This is a great article from TIME that touches on the plight of the Jews of Baghdad, according to the article there are only eight left in the city. The Rev. Canon Andrew White provides money once a month and some of this the Jews give to local Muslims, not because they have to but because they want to, in a city of violence, civil war and oppression this defines I believe what and who they really are and that they have not lost compassion for their fellow man. the Jewish population started to decline in 1948, when reprisals took hold throughout the Arab world, a priest has said that the Jews have not been able to get any material aid from the Iraqi government and the community has not been able to emigrate as a whole, individuals have attempted to leave, but have been turned down. Some Iraqi Jews began to immigrate to the US at the turn of the century between 1900/1905, and in 1939 during the eruption of World War-2 and more than 124,000 left between 1948/1952, the majority of the exodus from Iraq eventually settled in Israel. Naeim Giladi tells a compelling story of the plight of the Iraqi Jews, from his first hand account. This one man account tells of his imprisonment at Abu-Greib and suffering imparted upon his family and his eventual escape to Israel, and puts in perspective the plight of the Jews long before the fall of Saddam and it gives one an insight to the flight of the Jews from Iraq during the 1940's.
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