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Posted: 7/01/2007 by Floyd in Labels: , ,

O.k get ready cause here it comes, more guess work on this immigration fiasco which was shot down in flames and is not to return anytime soon. We can second guess all we want the fact of the matter Republicans and Democrats can not blame each other we are proud of both parties, the ones that stood up and killed this worthless bill and then you go around the net and you find big drawn out article's thinking they know just where America stands on the issue, well the newsflash is that only 13% supported this bill and 47% opposed and the rest could not make a decision one way or the other given the fact they needed more information on what the legislation entailed. I took the poll question on the LA Times and it was 70% against the bill and are glad it was defeated, to 30% for the bill out of 3,941 votes.

Face it the American people have woken up and told their representatives what they think and as far as I know 'all' the Democrats voted for the bill who was running for President and of course John McCain, this weighs heavily on my mind, allow me to explain,,if we can't trust them now to listen to us why would we think they will listen to us then? And the others aren't much better you got Fred Thompson standing up for the powerful medical lobby, you got Romney God only knows where he stands and then there is Rudy, which is on both sides of the fence and is content with the younger Bush years, we are starting to run out of options, Huckabee went from agreeing to mandated law on abortion in 2001 to hating it in 2007, and if you get in debt he wants to limit chapter 7, that in itself will stagnate the economy, think about it someone gets into financial trouble they pay till they die at a rate of 16 to 18 percent, I don't think they will be able to buy anything and contribute to the economy? Makes sense to me. So people who is out there that is able to lead and really get something done?
Immigration proved too hot to handle - Los Angeles Times


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    terrific photos, Floyd! I like photobucket

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    They have improved they have all kinds of neat little items.