Is John McCain's Candidacy Cooked? - TIME

Posted: 7/04/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

John McCain who used to bask in the spotlight and wonder how he would run the campaign after getting the Republican nomination is finding himself further down the field, by reading this Time article you can see clearly that it is the beginning of the end for McCain and the cutting of dozens of staff positions sure is not looking good. McCain has basically done it to himself, he has hung on to Iraq like a big albatross and he put the icing on the cake with the immigration fiasco. John in reality can not blame anyone but himself for the predicament he now finds himself in, for example back in 2004 McCain had some good ideas and that is we needed more troops to overcome this thing, problem is, without the draft you only have so many. He criticized Rumsfield for not over riding the generals if need be to get the troops he needed for the job, this thinking of McCain never panned out and the fact of the matter, it could not pan out.

I agreed whole heatedly on the matter concerning the troops and McCain's idea for that, but, in reality we are talking about 3 or 4 hundred thousand more troops and that my friends is why I said his rationale could not materialize I am not saying that McCain's idea is flawed because it is not, it is simply unworkable. McCain is returning to Iraq to visit with the troops on the 4th of July and I think that it is very good of him to do this and I wish him well and that he will return safely to us, it is good that any candidate will think enough of our troops in harms way to go and be with them, but it is most odd that they also don't pursue a road that will get our troops safely back home and out of the civil war now in progress there since early 2006.
McCain's prior visit on his return said the situation was improved and in fact

he strolled through a Baghdad market as if trying to show the home front that Iraq in fact was becoming more safe, what was later learned was that McCain was flanked by 100 guards, 3 Blackhawks and 2 Apache gunships,

you can't have all that going on and try to convince the American people that everything is peaches and cream. But I am going to reiterate again that I for one am much grateful that at least he is going over there and showing that he does care for the troops who are there, but on progress? McCain has hurt his own campaign by standing with this war knowing the situation is depreciating and is not by any measurable means improving, he should know he has been there, in reality the construction that might help Iraq's infrastructure can not proceed due to all the violence going on there and now there is a water shortage and to add to all this electricity is off an average of 20 or more hours per day, funny how the main-stream media steers clear of all this isn't it.
What I believe hurt McCain the most was his undying support for the war and the lack of progress thereof, so McCain really defeated himself and of course the immigration bill did not do him any good either. I think really if McCain had steered his thinking toward the war and how it is going over there he very well could be in front right now, I have not heard much of McCain attacking the values of middle America like some of the talking points picked up by his constituents. You have to like McCain because he stuck to his guns on his position and even on his position on immigration never wavered he voted for 'amnesty' so if McCain's candidacy is cooked he only has himself to blame.
Is John McCain's Candidacy Cooked? - TIME


  1. baabaanne says:

    Makes sense to me, Floyd. McCain lost my vote (or the hope of my vote) when he utilized all those protective (and already stretched thin) military resources.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello Beth glad to hear from you, yeah in a nutshell McCain did it to himself. You can't be hard-headed about something the American people know is a disaster, at least if you are going to run again.

  1. Sally says:

    McCain looks weak and seems to get weaker as the weeks and months go. I don't think he will stay in the race past the fall.

    Happy 4th!!!!!!

  1. McCain can forget about this run.

  1. Floyd says:

    I agree it looks like the beginning of the end for McCain, Happy 4th all.

  1. baabaanne says:

    Floyd, stop on over to my blog and pick up your award!

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey thanks a bunch Beth, I am truly grateful that you thought of me and that you enjoy my blogs, linked back to your post from blogging america. Thanks again, I really enjoy reading your work also it is well written and always informative.