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Posted: 7/15/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

The mission has changed much in Iraq since the invasion as this article so clearly points out, what has not changed into anything measurable is our progress there which remains steadfast and unwavering. The infrastructure of Iraq remains in total destruction and the equipment that our military uses continues to become downgraded, not to even mention the cost in human lives and money. This article takes one through the pre-invasion era up until last month, our mission has changed from ridding Iraq of WMD's to take on a whole 'new' mission that apparently Petraeus is carrying out. If we look at this thing in perspective if we left tomorrow we are not abandoning Iraq we have put years of blood and money into this mess, unlike the administration I would not consider Iraq a total loss, Saddam is no more and that is an accomplishment in itself. What is happening is that the PM along with the other militia's are vying for control of land and politics, Iraq will have to be able to govern itself and look at itself as 'one' country and try to govern itself this way I know it does sound simple, problem is, this is not going to happen and one wonders in years from now what will the mission be?

Any doubts the Iraqi government is capable of governing itself were also put to rest on Saturday when PM Al-Maliki issued a statement basically saying his government was ready to take over when ever the forces were to leave, in short the PM said that American troops can leave "any time they want." Gen. Petraeus is not in good standing with the PM either, Maliki has suggested that Petraeus works along a "purely American vision." this is the same general who is to give the assessment on Iraq in September of this year to which little if any progress is actually being made in this four year war, on the home front the Republicans are paying the price for standing behind a failed agenda and at this point seems to be the ones standing in the way of progress and hanging on to Iraq like a beached whale, John McCain who was once the front-runner for the Republican nomination has basically sunk any hope he may had of becoming president due mostly to his stand on Iraq.
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Al-Maliki dismisses doubts about Iraqi government


  1. Jim says:

    Well said, Floyd. I agree with you. They keep moving the goalposts on us. After all, we did get a regime change and a democratically elected government. Our soldiers have done all that, so it's time to at least start to withdraw our people. Maliki thinks we should as well as does most of Iraq's Parliament.

  1. Floyd says:

    That is what needs to be taking place but I don't see it going that way unless America elects a Democratic president and puts more of them in the house and senate, and looking at it from that viewpoint I am not going to bash the Republicans or anything, in reality it is the cold hard facts and we see this in the campaigns being run by them, they are doing it to themselves. The Iraq war and health care to name a couple have damaged the party beyond repair anytime soon, but instead of trying to fix the problem they dig a deeper hole, in short they seem to be the party that holds little regard of how or what the American people think. What needs to be done is this billions of dollars being pumped into Iraq needs put toward a health care system that could serve all of us, the drug and medical industries need put on the back burner and a universal system needs put in place,,it works in France and many other countries, the only reason it don't work here is because the lobbyists in Washington don't want it to work, that is why it costs $50,000 for a simple operation, all the money being pumped into an area that is a dead end street needs reassigned to help Americans survive in the homeland. But in this regard I hold 'all' accountable, instead of talking about health care just make it happen, their argument is that care will go down? Where are they going to go? I mean, most of the free world has a universal system, this is not a good argument to me, but at least, it keeps CNN ratings up.