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Posted: 7/06/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Fewer species have been put on the endangered list since the law was enacted in 1973, it is also of note in this article that two hundred of the 1,326 of these are now closer to disappearing forever. There is also a 30% vacancy rate in ESA staff and the top position has been vacant for more than a year now, one animal that grabbed our attention for a while was the polar bear which saw a drastic decrease in numbers due to the melting Arctic ice. These were wanted to be listed as threatened but the problem really originated from the global warming affect which is accelerating at a fast clip, so giving all this the benefit of a doubt it is clear that change is taking place and that change is affecting our environment and the animals that share our environment with us, it is also clear that the change is affecting some animals toward extinction and our inability to act upon these changes are going to leave us found 'wanting in the balances'. The Kyoto agreement was not ratified by the US, but if we read into this we find that China and India were exempt form it, the agreement was ratified by 169 countries. Now as we see in the link above China has actually surpassed the US in carbon emissions, burning coal like there's no tomorrow. So what now? Well, the US should go back to pressuring China and India which is another big polluter to come up with a workable plan to start to cut emissions, we can't simply say this does not work and never put anything else up on the table, if we set around such as the administration has done on this issue we are not kidding anyone but ourselves, but, our grand children will be the ones that pay. The Blue Marble: Endangered Species List Endangered The Hubster


  1. It seems now our President has somewhat acknowledged global warming.

    There will be many more animals disappearing forever before this melt down is finished.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for coming by my friend, they are always talking about it but far as reacting in any way I don't see that happening. Right now we are so tied up in this Iraq fiasco that nothing is really being accomplished on the domestic agenda, it would be nice if something got done like pressuring China and India and other big polluters to all get together and at least try and reduce some of this pollution. Maybe when the temperature hovers around 120/130 degrees they might look at a little different, but I doubt it, they would still be talking jargon while we all become well done.