Another Veto Threat?

Posted: 7/30/2007 by Floyd in Labels: ,

The Republicans at first stood up for the farm bill which aids our American farmers, but, later reversed themselves when the bill reached the floor. The bill however passed anyway but it is not enough to over ride the threatened veto by the President, who said he would veto the bill. Here is why the exit took place $7.5 billion tax on 'foreign' corporations, to fund an increase in food stamp benefits and it would tap oil companies for another $2.5 billion for the development of bio fuels. This bill goes a long way to help the little farmers as well as the big conglomerates, but when big business comes under fire they always side with corporate America. The food stamp program helps the lower tier of America, I will give an example; If you make 1,000 dollars a month you are allowed for one person $10, this is reality my friends I know this because when I got injured and could not work the whole of this. Now if a couple has children the food stamps goes up, but you know they don't want to feed your kids if you fall on hard times. Now I am assuming when they speak of 'food stamps' this is the aid they are referring to, this is in layman terms so you know exactly what these so called representatives stand for, oh, I did forget the $2.5 billion for oil companies, hey, you know these poor Americans can not afford to help their fellow man, I hope they are grateful they have a lot of friends in Congress and the Senate looking out for them.
NPR : House Passes Farm Bill Despite Veto Threat
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