The Last Jews of Baghdad - TIME

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This is a great article from TIME that touches on the plight of the Jews of Baghdad, according to the article there are only eight left in the city. The Rev. Canon Andrew White provides money once a month and some of this the Jews give to local Muslims, not because they have to but because they want to, in a city of violence, civil war and oppression this defines I believe what and who they really are and that they have not lost compassion for their fellow man. the Jewish population started to decline in 1948, when reprisals took hold throughout the Arab world, a priest has said that the Jews have not been able to get any material aid from the Iraqi government and the community has not been able to emigrate as a whole, individuals have attempted to leave, but have been turned down. Some Iraqi Jews began to immigrate to the US at the turn of the century between 1900/1905, and in 1939 during the eruption of World War-2 and more than 124,000 left between 1948/1952, the majority of the exodus from Iraq eventually settled in Israel. Naeim Giladi tells a compelling story of the plight of the Iraqi Jews, from his first hand account. This one man account tells of his imprisonment at Abu-Greib and suffering imparted upon his family and his eventual escape to Israel, and puts in perspective the plight of the Jews long before the fall of Saddam and it gives one an insight to the flight of the Jews from Iraq during the 1940's.
The Last Jews of Baghdad - TIME
Iraqi Jews in the USA
One Man's Story

Another Veto Threat?

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The Republicans at first stood up for the farm bill which aids our American farmers, but, later reversed themselves when the bill reached the floor. The bill however passed anyway but it is not enough to over ride the threatened veto by the President, who said he would veto the bill. Here is why the exit took place $7.5 billion tax on 'foreign' corporations, to fund an increase in food stamp benefits and it would tap oil companies for another $2.5 billion for the development of bio fuels. This bill goes a long way to help the little farmers as well as the big conglomerates, but when big business comes under fire they always side with corporate America. The food stamp program helps the lower tier of America, I will give an example; If you make 1,000 dollars a month you are allowed for one person $10, this is reality my friends I know this because when I got injured and could not work the whole of this. Now if a couple has children the food stamps goes up, but you know they don't want to feed your kids if you fall on hard times. Now I am assuming when they speak of 'food stamps' this is the aid they are referring to, this is in layman terms so you know exactly what these so called representatives stand for, oh, I did forget the $2.5 billion for oil companies, hey, you know these poor Americans can not afford to help their fellow man, I hope they are grateful they have a lot of friends in Congress and the Senate looking out for them.
NPR : House Passes Farm Bill Despite Veto Threat
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Top 10 Power Plant Polluters In The U.S

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Nevada's Reid Gardner coal-fired plant has the highest emission rate of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide than any other power plant in the U.S, but when it comes to total tonnage of carbon dioxide emitted Georgia's Scherer plant tops the list. States that made the list are Texas, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Alabama, Georgia, North-Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia along with Wyoming, Florida, Kentucky and New Mexico. What perked my eyes up was to read what Ilan Levin said about the electric power industry and when the original Clean Air Act was passed in 1970 and the electric utility industry persuaded Congress not to impose strict controls on 'old' power plants, their argument was these should be 'grandfathered' and that in the near future they would be replaced with more efficient ones, uh, that was 37 years ago. So what also this article is saying to us is that the power industry is not going to do anything it is not made to do, in other words they basically are not going to build anything more efficient than they have right now and me and you pay for that due to the perils of pollution, by breathing needlessly dirty air.
Related; Bloomberg-->According to a study global warming is causing more frequent hurricanes in the North Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, the study found that an 80% chance was found that global warming was the culprit. Our glorious leader rejects limits of emissions on green house gases his main claim being they would hurt the economy, talk about being worried about the economy and flush billions of dollars down the Iraq money pit.

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"More song and dance"

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This is somewhat of a follow up to my previous post, apparently 'major' steps are in motion to overhaul the system concerning the treatment of our wounded veteran's and a side note,,I am still waiting on hearing from the media on these veteran's I blogged about in the previous post and this is what should make everyone rather irate out there about how this is getting swept under the rug. This article leads one to believe something will actually get done but people don't hold your breath on this one, when you have the media not talking about and most of our officials not talking about it you can look out, a snow job is being arranged as I type. I don't like to sound to sarcastic on this but you and I know nothing will come of all this, it is more hog wash for us to swallow down.This is somewhat of a follow up to my previous post, apparently 'major' steps are in motion to overhaul the system concerning the treatment of our wounded veteran's and a side note,,I am still waiting on hearing from the media on these veteran's I blogged about in the previous post and this is what should make everyone rather irate out there about how this is getting swept under the rug.
This article leads one to believe something will actually get done but people don't hold your breath on this one, when you have the media not talking about and most of our officials not talking about it you can look out, a snow job is being arranged as I type. I don't like to sound to sarcastic on this but you and I know nothing will come of all this, it is more hog wash for us to swallow down. Apparently this is a L.A Times article and I see it mentioned that Nicholson is due to step down by October 1st. of this year, but try as I might I don't see the lawsuit mentioned in the article, oh maybe, it just did not warrant enough headlines for the mainstream guys, us bloggers must be the only ones informed on how everything is going down here, maybe, just maybe, they should get with us and we could enlighten them. It does however mention the Walter Reed scandal and elaborates that it "brought a shake-up at the top of the Army's medical command." I am to assume the guys that are in the lawsuit maybe did not get this message.I would have to read into this more in depth but Rep. Bob Filner of California who said the commissions proposals do not go far enough and that he was quoted as saying that they're not restructuring anything, which leads me back to the title of this post at the beginning and that is more song and dance. I notice this all came about after we got wind of the lawsuit by the veteran's concerning the tremendous backlogs in processing claims.
Panel: Fix veterans' care now - A Concord Monitor Article - Your News Source - Concord NH 03301

Veterans have to file suit for claims

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We saw this one coming and knew there is more to supporting our troops in Iraq than actually trying to support them and a group of frustrated Iraqi veterans is taking their claim against Department of Veterans Affairs secretary Jim Nicholson of breaking the law by denying them disability pay and mental health treatment. Nicholson and other officials according to the report, insisted on a budget in 2005 that fell short by $1 billion and in return awarded senior officials $3.8 million in bonuses. Some of these in Washington that always tout how we support our troops should be reading this carefully, how far does the backlog go on processing claims? Well according to this article between 400,000 / 600,000 and at a 177 days to process the initial claim and a whooping 657 days to process an appeal. After all the talk has died down folks this is what we are left with, so remember when you hear 'em talking about this 'support' in rather dry words remember what you have read here. The bottom line is we can not even hire enough competent people to process our injured vets, let alone figure out what to do in Iraq, it seems to me we are to busy hiring people to try and 'disclaim' our veterans instead of giving them the decency they deserve for risking their lives for our country, its like we just push them aside while we wait for some demagoguery assessment to occur in September, it is easy my friends to sit up in Washington and 'say' we support the troops and then send them into action and push 'em by the wayside when they come back home, this gives us one small insight of how the system works and makes one wonder how many more horror stories are out there? Like I have said many times in the past our grand kids will not be able to pay out of this mess and even worse our military is paying for it now, paying in Iraq and the paying to the bureaucrats when they return home, wonder how the media will spin this one?
Taipei Times - archives

25% of Americans Approve Bush

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Boy you don't think it can get worse but this poll shows staggering numbers who rate Bush's job approval, among Republicans 26% disapprove and among Democrats a whopping 97% disapprove, margin of error +/- 3%, on America as a whole 25% approve of Bush's handling of his job. What does all of this mean? Well, seems to mean that the vast majority of Americans are unhappy about the way things are going, but polls really don't matter, or do they?
Maybe they don't matter I believe that was what Karl Rove said back in 2006, he said; "Republicans have a huge financial advantage in the homestretch." This was back last year before the 'thumping' dealt to 'em. And it tells us that they still have not got the message, that was spoke loud and clear back in November, America sent a clear message that the war in Iraq is dragging us down financially and with bloodshed of our own and yet it seems that the skulls are very thick, does it not?
The National Economy

Talking in the Bluegrass

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Scribe Fire

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Here is a neat little blogging tool if you have firefox browser, I am trying it out as we speak, I have my wordpress blog set to use it to. What it does is it gives you a little icon at the bottom of the page (your status bar) and you click it and it opens a little post window where you can write a post such as I'm doing right now and then post it to your blog, when setting up blogger though when I was going through the motions of you know log-in information and so forth it came up and showed the feed, you will know what I mean if you try it, anyway, it did not seem to work well by using example;
but when I used "full" instead of "default" it took it. It will show this link after you put the address to your blog. I am using the new Aquatint Black firefox theme you can try it at the link provided I liked the original Aquatint theme so I tried this black one and it looks great, it is black but not too black. You will notice a new template i am trying out it is a fluid template so on a little screen you still see the whole page and it don't cut any off, I tried the 3 column fluid but one side bar would drop to the bottom when you scrunched it up this one does not. I increased the font on this one from 0.7em to 0.9em to make it more readable, Carol asked about the expandable post, that is the peekaboo view from Hackosphere there is a link to his blog in my sidebar "hacks & Links" the label cloud is from Phydeaux3 I worked on the color a long time but I got it matching pretty good, I also increased the font on the label cloud. When I set up the wordpress one, it took it without any errors? This add-on should prove useful to us blogging fanatics it is called ScribeFire and you can try it at the link I provided.

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The Purpose

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Ever wonder is your life is just random chance or you have a purpose of being here? This is a story of a man who preformed CPR on a woman until help arrived and apparently the ordeal lasted up to 20 minutes. What is also interesting is that the man himself was saved earlier in life from drowning, makes one wonder about the purpose in life doesn't it. I would say that all of us have known of cases similar to this that have not made world news but that we have know to happen personally, I knew of cases like this myself maybe a little different but basically the same. Some believe that we are just floating in space breezily along, but I for one believe that all of us has a purpose to being here and have touched others in life with our own whether it is actually saving someone from death or speaking words to maybe make one think twice about committing suicide, whoever we may be if we think back in our lives we can come up with quite a few examples of our own.When I read this it make me think of George Bailey, It's A Wonderful Life movie that I have seen so many times and how he was depicted in the film of touching so many lives that he had took for granted. I broke from politics a little to share this post with you and to give you a little insight if I can to who I am and my beliefs. If we have no hope of the afterlife than why are we here and what is the purpose to our existence? I believe that not only this man or this circumstance was random but that God has a purpose for all of us, when you get time set down and think about your life and you will soon find that had it not been for you some others would not be around.
Woman dead for 20 minutes | The Daily Telegraph

The Lugar/Warner Amendment

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Here is another great one from TPM Cafe, no doubt you have heard of the Lugar Warner amendment concerning the Iraq war and have heard Lugar's speech on it but have kind of been in the dark on how exactly the actual wording is or wonder if it does have any teeth to it. This post has a link where you can read the actual document for yourself and decide just what this will entail the administration is to do on Iraq, don't be fooled into thinking this is some cure all for Iraq or that this is putting any pressure on the administration to change it's policy anytime soon there. They will add no action until October after when Petraeus is supposed to deliver the so called 'grand insight' on Iraq, the amendment actually follows exactly what the administration has asked for, some Republicans such as Lugar have made grand and enticing statements in recent weeks concerning the war due mostly to the unpopularity of it back in their districts, in other words it is to pacify their constituents back home while in the reality of the game it offers us nothing more than biding time for a failed policy.
Lugar And Warner Amendment A Tough Challenge To Bush? Not So Much. TPMCafe

The Iraq Mission

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The mission has changed much in Iraq since the invasion as this article so clearly points out, what has not changed into anything measurable is our progress there which remains steadfast and unwavering. The infrastructure of Iraq remains in total destruction and the equipment that our military uses continues to become downgraded, not to even mention the cost in human lives and money. This article takes one through the pre-invasion era up until last month, our mission has changed from ridding Iraq of WMD's to take on a whole 'new' mission that apparently Petraeus is carrying out. If we look at this thing in perspective if we left tomorrow we are not abandoning Iraq we have put years of blood and money into this mess, unlike the administration I would not consider Iraq a total loss, Saddam is no more and that is an accomplishment in itself. What is happening is that the PM along with the other militia's are vying for control of land and politics, Iraq will have to be able to govern itself and look at itself as 'one' country and try to govern itself this way I know it does sound simple, problem is, this is not going to happen and one wonders in years from now what will the mission be?

Any doubts the Iraqi government is capable of governing itself were also put to rest on Saturday when PM Al-Maliki issued a statement basically saying his government was ready to take over when ever the forces were to leave, in short the PM said that American troops can leave "any time they want." Gen. Petraeus is not in good standing with the PM either, Maliki has suggested that Petraeus works along a "purely American vision." this is the same general who is to give the assessment on Iraq in September of this year to which little if any progress is actually being made in this four year war, on the home front the Republicans are paying the price for standing behind a failed agenda and at this point seems to be the ones standing in the way of progress and hanging on to Iraq like a beached whale, John McCain who was once the front-runner for the Republican nomination has basically sunk any hope he may had of becoming president due mostly to his stand on Iraq.
Think Progress » The Ever Changing Definition of ‘Mission’ In Iraq

Al-Maliki dismisses doubts about Iraqi government

New Template

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It will take a while for me to get everything straightened out here, trying out a new one after all it is summertime so I thought I would stick to the summer splash. Well I will get it straight eventually I kind of like this one, reminds me to take a vacation. This one has super wide sidebars to it and the color combo is kind of bright but I hope not to bright, let me know if you like this one, it looks different but it has potential I have already added a label cloud to it and you can find this hack over at; Phydeaux3, I linked you straight to the hack and if you want different colors you can change those also I think the default is a blue. Yesterday I had an emergency in the family actually my cousin passed away and I might not post for a couple of days, but I will return and I hope everything is alright with my friends that visit me often.

Another self righteous hypocrite

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Well we all knew this was coming, the D.C madam is basically singing like a bird after making lots of money off her business of keeping those cold Washington nights warm. Apparently this Senator from Louisiana is coming clean with his repentance and offers responsibility for his actions, which would still be a mystery to us had not the madam been busted. After acknowledging the sin, wait did I say sin? I am so sick and tired of these guys always coming with this after they are busted, they should have been talking with God when the temptation occurred and this is most prevalent on the Republican side more so than the Democratic, in quick view they have to take this stance due to the religious right and I ask you now do you believe the religious believe this? I don't think they do, and still in denial, if you read any of these confessions you read on down the whole article and nine times out of ten they never take any responsibility for their actions this guy apparently got a massage but not sex, heck, everyone on the list could make this claim and since when did getting a massage commit a sin? Is getting a massage a serious sin? If the religious right were listening and reading all this they would do good to vote all these self righteous hypocrites out and start fresh. And whether it be a Democrat or Republican when you confess to a sin make sure it is a sin and not just another massage.
Senator Nipped By D.C. Madam Scandal, David Vitter (R-La.) Apologizes For "Very Serious Sin" In His Past - CBS News

iPhone hacked

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About a week out and the iPhone is getting hacked and the IRC channel has managed to enable shell access to the iPhone. From what I have read it was fairly simple to do, the iPhone has took off like a jet for the past week, personally I can't afford one but it seems like a heck of a phone. There is also an improvement to Hakosphere's peekaboo hack, I have it implemented here, click the read more link in the previous post and see how there is like a slight delay and a 'fade away' affect to the hack. Hackintosh iPhone shell command list Hackosphere

Environmental Issues

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Fewer species have been put on the endangered list since the law was enacted in 1973, it is also of note in this article that two hundred of the 1,326 of these are now closer to disappearing forever. There is also a 30% vacancy rate in ESA staff and the top position has been vacant for more than a year now, one animal that grabbed our attention for a while was the polar bear which saw a drastic decrease in numbers due to the melting Arctic ice. These were wanted to be listed as threatened but the problem really originated from the global warming affect which is accelerating at a fast clip, so giving all this the benefit of a doubt it is clear that change is taking place and that change is affecting our environment and the animals that share our environment with us, it is also clear that the change is affecting some animals toward extinction and our inability to act upon these changes are going to leave us found 'wanting in the balances'. The Kyoto agreement was not ratified by the US, but if we read into this we find that China and India were exempt form it, the agreement was ratified by 169 countries. Now as we see in the link above China has actually surpassed the US in carbon emissions, burning coal like there's no tomorrow. So what now? Well, the US should go back to pressuring China and India which is another big polluter to come up with a workable plan to start to cut emissions, we can't simply say this does not work and never put anything else up on the table, if we set around such as the administration has done on this issue we are not kidding anyone but ourselves, but, our grand children will be the ones that pay. The Blue Marble: Endangered Species List Endangered The Hubster

Is John McCain's Candidacy Cooked? - TIME

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John McCain who used to bask in the spotlight and wonder how he would run the campaign after getting the Republican nomination is finding himself further down the field, by reading this Time article you can see clearly that it is the beginning of the end for McCain and the cutting of dozens of staff positions sure is not looking good. McCain has basically done it to himself, he has hung on to Iraq like a big albatross and he put the icing on the cake with the immigration fiasco. John in reality can not blame anyone but himself for the predicament he now finds himself in, for example back in 2004 McCain had some good ideas and that is we needed more troops to overcome this thing, problem is, without the draft you only have so many. He criticized Rumsfield for not over riding the generals if need be to get the troops he needed for the job, this thinking of McCain never panned out and the fact of the matter, it could not pan out.

I agreed whole heatedly on the matter concerning the troops and McCain's idea for that, but, in reality we are talking about 3 or 4 hundred thousand more troops and that my friends is why I said his rationale could not materialize I am not saying that McCain's idea is flawed because it is not, it is simply unworkable. McCain is returning to Iraq to visit with the troops on the 4th of July and I think that it is very good of him to do this and I wish him well and that he will return safely to us, it is good that any candidate will think enough of our troops in harms way to go and be with them, but it is most odd that they also don't pursue a road that will get our troops safely back home and out of the civil war now in progress there since early 2006.
McCain's prior visit on his return said the situation was improved and in fact

he strolled through a Baghdad market as if trying to show the home front that Iraq in fact was becoming more safe, what was later learned was that McCain was flanked by 100 guards, 3 Blackhawks and 2 Apache gunships,

you can't have all that going on and try to convince the American people that everything is peaches and cream. But I am going to reiterate again that I for one am much grateful that at least he is going over there and showing that he does care for the troops who are there, but on progress? McCain has hurt his own campaign by standing with this war knowing the situation is depreciating and is not by any measurable means improving, he should know he has been there, in reality the construction that might help Iraq's infrastructure can not proceed due to all the violence going on there and now there is a water shortage and to add to all this electricity is off an average of 20 or more hours per day, funny how the main-stream media steers clear of all this isn't it.
What I believe hurt McCain the most was his undying support for the war and the lack of progress thereof, so McCain really defeated himself and of course the immigration bill did not do him any good either. I think really if McCain had steered his thinking toward the war and how it is going over there he very well could be in front right now, I have not heard much of McCain attacking the values of middle America like some of the talking points picked up by his constituents. You have to like McCain because he stuck to his guns on his position and even on his position on immigration never wavered he voted for 'amnesty' so if McCain's candidacy is cooked he only has himself to blame.
Is John McCain's Candidacy Cooked? - TIME

Is There Anyone?

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O.k get ready cause here it comes, more guess work on this immigration fiasco which was shot down in flames and is not to return anytime soon. We can second guess all we want the fact of the matter Republicans and Democrats can not blame each other we are proud of both parties, the ones that stood up and killed this worthless bill and then you go around the net and you find big drawn out article's thinking they know just where America stands on the issue, well the newsflash is that only 13% supported this bill and 47% opposed and the rest could not make a decision one way or the other given the fact they needed more information on what the legislation entailed. I took the poll question on the LA Times and it was 70% against the bill and are glad it was defeated, to 30% for the bill out of 3,941 votes.

Face it the American people have woken up and told their representatives what they think and as far as I know 'all' the Democrats voted for the bill who was running for President and of course John McCain, this weighs heavily on my mind, allow me to explain,,if we can't trust them now to listen to us why would we think they will listen to us then? And the others aren't much better you got Fred Thompson standing up for the powerful medical lobby, you got Romney God only knows where he stands and then there is Rudy, which is on both sides of the fence and is content with the younger Bush years, we are starting to run out of options, Huckabee went from agreeing to mandated law on abortion in 2001 to hating it in 2007, and if you get in debt he wants to limit chapter 7, that in itself will stagnate the economy, think about it someone gets into financial trouble they pay till they die at a rate of 16 to 18 percent, I don't think they will be able to buy anything and contribute to the economy? Makes sense to me. So people who is out there that is able to lead and really get something done?
Immigration proved too hot to handle - Los Angeles Times