Tensions rising on Iraq border

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So far not much if any of this build-up by Turkish forces on the northern Iraq border has been mentioned and apparently Turkey has been shelling the region were the Kurds make up the most part of this part of Iraq, I myself think it is worth mentioning because when it comes to Iraq the Kurds are the only ones remotely friendly with our soldiers. According to the Iraqi Foreign Ministry the shelling had caused widespread damage in northern Iraq, apparently the Turkish ambassador has been asked to come to Iraq to discuss the matter. The dispute seems to have been brewing for a while now but the later article's on the web seem also to imply a more escalating tension there. The tensions seem to be due to the outlawed Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK). In today's Zaman Rice has suggested that Washington has acknowledged that Turkey might conduct limited incursions against the PKK in northern Iraq, the PKK is listed by a lot of nations as being a terrorist group. This is more news leaking out suggesting the instability of the region, in one of the article's it states that the Iranian's could have also been involved with the shelling of northern Iraq.
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  1. We invade Iraq and cause the whole region of surrounding to start tension and on the verge of war.

  1. Floyd says:

    With all this escalation I fear that it could get out of control in a hurry, the Kurds feel more leniency toward us than any of the other sects in Iraq. This goes to show how these terrorist groups (PKK) can cause an uproar against innocent civilians, allowing these incursions will do nothing more than inflame the already volatile situation. And if you read these and other article's floating around on this subject it is very alarming to know Iran has it's hands in the kettle. You are right Larry this whole region is becoming a big powder keg, you don't hear much of it in the main-stream media but on the net you read about these little terrorist groups popping up everywhere. It would be good if America could open up talks with the leaders of the region (Kurdistan) and try and root these combatants out, however we are so tied down in the Baghdad chaos we basically got our hands full there and the northern region is starting to fall apart.