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Posted: 6/12/2007 by Floyd in

My friend Carol over at My View of "It" has tagged me as a thinking blogger, I am grateful since I also feel Carol to be one of the great thinkers out there others I consider to be great thinkers are many so I will tag the following few;

1)Dark Wraith and especially from his post on Statistical Trends In The American/Iraqi War This post puts in perspective the actual statistics of the war, with Dark Wraith it is hard to pick out one of his posts because all his work is well written and informative, the Dark Wraith will take you inside the art of reason and exercise your mind.

2)Article Discovery Politics for his post entitled Conversation with American Iraq War contractor, gives us insight in the contractors that are involved in Iraq from his interview in Thailand. It brings us to light of insight from a contractors perspective and how Iraq is viewed from someone who was actually involved in the process.

3)Larry Sadler over at blogtalkingpoints2 for his great posts and speaking his mind, Larry is an ex-marine and I have full respect in his insight and candidness about the issues of our times, Larry always has things of interest in his posts.

4)Sally over at, Yeah, what of it blog. Sally always has interesting posts and her post Flat Earth Society makes us think of global warming, it leaves one to think how America needs to lead on the opening up of new technology and be a beacon to the world on global warming and start taking it a little more serious, the flat earth society is in relation to a group who does not believe in science,,,any science.

5)Minor Ripper for his video back in December winning the hearts and minds, minor ripper opens up the reality and sometimes the cruelty that occurs in war. It is an unbelievable video that will make you think no matter what political view you have, when I actually first saw this I reasoned with myself being an ex-military how things could happen of this nature, but,
"war is hell."


  1. Carol says:

    Some really great choices Floyd and Blogs that I will need to stop in and visit. Thanks so much for your time and effort here.

  1. Sally says:

    Floyd, thank you for that...it makes me want to post more thoughtful posts on my blog. Sadly the thought provoking posts have been infrequent on my blog lately.

  1. Floyd says:

    You are welcome Carol, it is hard to pick some out there are so many great blogs out there. Hey Sally it was a great post on the environment, thanks for coming by. It is such a hard choice I read so many, once again thank you Carol.

  1. Floyd, Thank you for the nomination and for pointing out some great blogs that I will put on my reading list. Along with Within Reason of course!

  1. Thank you Floyd for the mention. You have picked some nice blogs, I'll be reading them all very shortly.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks guys, there are so many out there worth reading it is most difficult to choose. You can read a lot of small posts out there that say so much and myself sometimes I just get lost in redundancy, because there is so much to blog about. I try to keep mine short as I can but sometimes I get on a roll and become the energizer bunny and I try and make my blog accessible to all, but of course the anonymous, if something is worth making a statement about it is worth at least using your blogger or wordpress identity. About 6 months ago I got into a discussion about abortion with an anonymous after that I did not allow anonymous comments, hey when I comment on conservative blogs I use my link back blog to within reason and don't get me wrong I like a lot of conservatives out there and some of us share the same philosophy of life, anyway I wish I could have choose a 100 of you guys.