Stop Abortion; Deny Contraceptives

Posted: 6/23/2007 by Floyd in Labels: ,

How these people are tying abortion and contraception is beyond me? From the way I'm reading this it concerns contraception aid to groups overseas that apparently offer abortions. So let me get this straight, we deny them contraceptives to prevent abortion? Abortion is allowed in the US, should we stop selling contraceptives here? When you look at the prerogatives and intentions of some of these so called lawmakers in Washington I don't see how an educated American could vote these broad thinkers into office? This would stop unintended pregnancies,? Or, maybe I got it all wrong? Think about it next time you vote.
House vote on contraception aid sets up veto -


  1. America is just now learning to think... I guess Bush has caused this.

    We normally votes our party regardless to whomever it might be.

    Some of the things I've read from different organizations are just mind blowing and this government support them.

  1. Floyd says:

    Anymore some of the things I read is just unbelievable, and this was one of them. The way it looks they are trying to link abortion with contraception, I don't know how some of these guys got elected, apparently they didn't tell the voters just what kind of twisted agenda they would be pushing. Sometimes you read things that make one think it is 1807 instead of 2007, then you wonder why the heck were they ever put into a position to make any kind of logical decisions?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just don't get it--maybe these politicians can raise all of the children born because contraceptives are not used???


  1. Floyd says:

    This is another one that is unbelievable, I just can't get their reasoning that somehow abortion is linked to contraception? Their take is not to supply groups that are doing abortions, but think about it, this would prevent abortion. When America votes they just don't realize what ideology that the elected ones are putting down, maybe if enough blogs about this they will see just how idiotic these guys are. Blogging is a form of communication, but this needs discussed in town hall meetings and when talking to people thinking about voting, people need to be aware of the issues involved. We have Senators now denying third world countries like Africa the use of contraceptives to prevent abortion, it is total madness. If they really wanted to do something constructive why not rally to put prayer back in schools? I don't see any of 'em jumping on this bandwagon.