Senate Hands Down a Major Defeat on Immigration Bill -

Posted: 6/28/2007 by Floyd in Labels: , ,

When it was all said and done the immigration bill lay shattered on the Senate floor this morning, Mitch McConnell voted with Bunning of Kentucky to help kill the bill. The so called grand compromise which was opposed by the right and labor Unions on the left joined forces this morning to kill the bill and nothing will not come up from it again until 2008 or later. I never thought I would be thanking Mitch but I would like to take the time to thank him for coming around to listening to his constituents and putting corporate greed on the back burner and for listening to the people. This bill was pieced together by a bunch of so called 'grand compromises' and succeeded in alienating the right along with the left, but in the end the right and the left joined in defeating these whiners. Now will they finally enforce the laws that now exist? Probably not but this morning the phones were out of order due to the massive calls on this bill, whether or not they now will enforce the law remains to be seen.
In Mitch's words; The measure ``wasn't the people's will,'' McConnell said. ``And they were heard.''
Senate Hands Down a Major Defeat on Immigration Bill -