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Posted: 6/07/2007 by Floyd in Labels: ,

I know you have heard over and over again how the Republicans want you to think and feel safer knowing they are in charge to protect you, however, the administration is standing on the verge of rolling back a major post 9/ll security initiative apparently because of the many complaints from American tourists. The bottom line is that they want to waive requirements of US passports traveling into Canada and Mexico, there seems to be a back-log of applications at the State Department. Homeland Security is concerned about terrorists being able to breach security in the wake of this, it seems Homeland Security is the only one who has voiced opposition to the plan.
Feds to Suspend Border Passport Rule - Netscape News


  1. Anonymous says:

    Apparently political expediency is no respecter of party lines! I'll have to pop over more regularly Floyd!

  1. I've been away from blogging because of SINUS problems that I've somehow developed.

    The Administration and Home Land Security has the funds to put more people on their payroll to prevent such a backlog.

    There's no reason that any kind of substitute should be given for this during these times.

    They disregard what people want everyday, and no concession should be made here.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey OX drop in anytime my friend I always like to visit the OX's page. Hey Larry glad to hear from you, and of course agree with you. The borders with Mexico and Canada are much to porous as it is today, an example would be the guy with TB which crossed at the Canadian border even after the CDC 'supposedly' had warned them about it. Down on the Mexican border they are climbing the fence daily and America can not enforce the immigration laws that it has in place now, McCain and Kennedy apparently came up with some deal of 'amnesty' but it finally died on the Senate floor last night. Which leads me back to they can't and won't enforce the laws we have right now, the two border guards who were trying to protect our southern border are roting in jail now, so I don't know why they would even bring up the issue? And like the post above states they can't even abide by what they put in place, I will take Edward's phrase on this one,,,immigration is merely a slogan,,a bumper sticker. LOL