RNC fires phone solicitors

Posted: 6/01/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Firings of RNC phone solicitors were confirmed to have taken place about a week ago and apparently one excuse was that the phone equipment was outdated, but some of the fired employees gave 'mixed' reviews on the firings. One solicitors example in the article is that the total of the solicitations was down $64,000 dollars from last year, one leak pertaining to this article leads one to believe that 'amnesty for illegals may have been a big factor, but I think it might be deeper than this. For example; the Iraq war continues on mostly from the support of Republicans, the improvements in this endeavor seems to be declining and not improving with the last two months proving to be two of the most deadliest of the war, as military deaths topped 100 for two straight months, this I believe also plays a huge role in contributions by 'individual contributors.' RNC fires phone solicitors - Nation/Politics - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper