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The war in Iraq will not cease to haunt us long after we have left there, many veteran's have become wounded and are increasing in numbers daily. Loss of limbs, brain damage, post-traumatic stress disorder to name but a few, estimates for care have been ranging from $250 billion to $650 billion and one estimate I saw was over a ten year period it could reach in the trillions.

Of the troops being evaluated 20% return to duty while 80% return to the US for more care or disability discharge,

another strain on the troops that's worth mentioning is the extended tours of duty I think now up to 15 months however, the longer this thing drags out I think that the number could be increased as the article via Kansas explains, and this greatly would add to the stress factor of the soldiers. In other words if we left Iraq today it could cost into the trillions of treatment and care of our wounded, the longer we stay the more the figure will increase. The figure above seems large but the Iraq Study Group came up with a much larger figure based on a 10 year span, this war is showing us far more instances of brain trauma and PSTD related injuries, these are scars that last a lifetime.
This Congressman represents President Bush's home district in Texas, he is speaking up on his opinions on how veteran's are being treated Rep. Chet Edwards,;" the administration and Republicans put a higher priority on tax cuts than on veterans' health care". The affairs bill passed the house last week by a 409/2 margin, the President had threatened a veto but backed down after it was clear Congress would override that veto. It seems after the reckless spending of the 109th Congress all of a sudden the White House is threatening veto's apparently to keep spending under control? The bill has allowed for 1,100 case workers to also process benefit claims by veteran's, apparently this never found good favor with the press either.
Texas Democrat chastises Bush on vets' health care -

Gov't Struggles to Cope With Wounded GIs - | 06/20/2007 | Army again considers longer combat tours

How soon we forget


  1. I love your Paine quote....about Wounded and PTSD, finally the media and papers are covering- but it tooks soooo frigging long.....and I think we are in for a long haul- these folks and their families are really hurting....on so many levels...thank you for blogging it.

  1. Floyd says:

    Glad to always hear from you and they need to do more in support of our troops who are in harm's way, the media mostly now either tells half of the story or you don't hear of it at all and especially with our veteran's they continually say they are in support of them, however actions speak much louder than words, thanks for coming by and am glad you are back blogging again.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I've only had time to read the top article, Floyd, because I'm at work. It's a good thing Bush blinked on this one. Our men and women in the armed services step up to the plate when called, put their lives on hold and their personal safety at risk to fight our stupid wars--at a minimum, we need to ensure that these brave folks get the care they need, for illness directly caused by service to their country.

    My thanks to you also, Floyd, for blogging about this.

  1. Larry says:

    Good article and so unfortunately very true.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks guys for the comments, veteran's really give so much especially during this war, they give of themselves and their families when duty calls. I am glad that during my time of serving I never had to face any of these decisions and pressures, every day that goes by your life hangs in the balance and some of the articles I have been reading is that to keep the 'surge' going will probably prove to be longer tours for our men and women in the military. And it is like the previous article I blogged about, the deportation threat to the wife of the missing soldier. Never heard it on the main-stream media yet, unless I missed it. To try and shove this immigration bill down our throats and then stoop to this level, it really makes one think.

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  1. Jose Castillo said...
    As an Iraq war veteran and non-citizen (Legal Resident), who has lived in this country since the early age of 4. It is so disappointing to me that my service to this country is worth nothing. The oath I took and hold true not by raising my hand but by serving the nation I love, is worth less then those who become citizens for convenience. I have seen and heard the level of disregard towards non-citizen and citizen veterans and their families to often now. Our service to this nation is under appreciated, even after paying the price of death in service to this nation. I join thinking that the highest act of patriotism was in serving one's country, but apparently it is just a punch line or at least until I become a Citizen.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for dropping by Jose, you have been here since the age of 4 plus you are a veteran, in my opinion you are a citizen.

    I am a veteran myself, not of Iraq but still a veteran and to me this war was based on lies and continued on to save face. And saying this is in no way condemning the veteran, I think all who served their country and especially you guys who actually saw combat deserve the utmost praise by all Americans. You done your duty and all that was asked of you to do.

    Veterans today have to actually sue the government to get benefits due them of being wounded in war or, have PSTD and lately I have read where doctors were denying them by the 100's and misdiagnosing them and none of the higher-ups are doing nothing to intervene in this, right now they are to busy stifling health care for children and after that fiasco has been accomplished they will move on to some other irrelevant agenda.

    They say they support veteran's but their hearts are far from it, it takes more than just words to accomplish anything.