The Raw Story | Democratic 2008 hopefuls to scrap in New Hampshire

Posted: 6/03/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Debate tonight in New Hampshire, this will be a chance for the bottom tier of the candidates for President to say or do something to move toward the top, Iraq will probably play out as a big factor during the debates but I would also like to hear about health care and if any one is addressing this. I agree with the upper 70 percentile of Americans, we need out of Iraq and lately it seems that these Dem's are the best hope to do this. I do lean toward Edwards but I will listen to all and see just who has the best plan to get things done, the number one thing is to pay attention to us Americans and I feel that this has really what hurt the GOP so badly, you can't go blindly always against the American public. The American people is who elected you to govern them, as I said before November I say again today when you lose the people you have become more or less a tinkling cymbal.

After watching the debate I don't see much changing in this run-down of Obama,Clinton and Edwards, I was a little surprised at how Hillary handled herself, she handled herself very well in this debate and impressed me as did Obama and Edwards. It was interesting how Wolf kept pressing on if the troops left would Iraq resort to genocide? Iraq right now is in a civil war, sectarian violence runs amok and bodies turn up daily. Our troops are caught in the middle of all this blood-letting and most of the American people believe that Iraq needs to solve it's problems from within not militarily but politically.
The Raw Story Democratic 2008 hopefuls to scrap in New Hampshire


  1. Anonymous says:

    I think that I will wait and watch the scraps on CNN :)

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello Beth, nice to hear from you, hey, CNN will spin this at least a couple of days then the Republican debate will happen and it's back in the spin cycle.