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Posted: 6/17/2007 by Floyd in Labels: ,

Whatever they may call it most of it stems from the greedy oil companies ready to reap another record breaking year off of the consumers, apparently the oil companies have tied some bill in Congress to their excuse for not building more refineries. In reality the refineries and 'big oil' are to blame for their record profits from working Americans who have to drive everyday to work, and even if they charged five or six bucks a gallon America would still have to pay the price because we must get to work, you see we are in a 'catch 22' situation between big oil and an administration who seems powerless to do anything about it, I will give the benefit of a doubt though but lets look at it like this; If Congress the Senate and the Administration would start a push on the oil companies instead of ramming more of this UN-enforceable immigration legislation down our throats, maybe, just maybe, the working American people might be able to obtain some relief from this onslaught, and no matter how you cut it the link to the New York Times says it all, the rich get richer while the middle-class get the shaft.
Oil Industry May Cut Back Refinery Plans - Netscape Money & Business


  1. Jim says:

    If my memory serves, I've read that the "American" oil companies haven't built a new refinery since 1970! Whatever the oil cartel charges, we the consumers get whatever supply these domestic refineries dribble out for us - they are the gateways to the American public. I put American in quotes because like you, I see nothing good for our country coming from them; they simply line their own pockets.

  1. Anonymous says:

    No wonder I can't get ahead.

  1. Floyd says:

    Right Jim now they are looking for an excuse not to build one, I believe we do have the technology to build something that is feasible and be affordable to the 'general' population, but I don't see anything much coming of it because of all the clout the oil companies have over the powers that govern. Hey Beth if you get back in time look at the link on my twitter page, some guy made over $9 million dollars selling the moon.

  1. Democrats are trying to rewrite the energy policy. Right now we are giving away $15 billion in tax breaks to large oil companies.

    Getting tough on Big Oil is the way Bush and the Republican party should have gone long ago.

    I just hope this guy doesn't veto what the Democrats have in mind.

    We should get with Switzerland and find out what to do and how to get our butts off oil and on to better energy for America.

    More refineries are just a slow down to what America must do and that's to get off of oil.

    Right now it just dont matter if ramming more of this UN-enforceable immigration legislation down our throats will do anything about this oil problem... it will be another 15 years for anything congress propose to really work.

  1. Floyd says:

    Exactly Larry, the oil companies know this and it is a good excuse for them to use, being more energy independent is many more years down the road plus it will be an up-hill fight with the mighty oil lobby. Hey thanks for the links my friend, this seems to be a start stripping the $15 billion in tax breaks and putting it into more energy efficient means would definitely be a step in the right direction. Look at the first ones to fight this and that is industry and Republican lawmakers, this liquid coal they speak of just makes more pollution. Their take on it seems to be to store it underground, uh, o.k. On the immigration issue they would be much more productive to look for alternative energy than pursue a course that will do nothing. I think the far left and the far right might have found a common ground in opposing this. I know sometimes the 'far left' and the 'far right' seem miles apart, but I think we stand together on this one. I think the thinking is to sell out the middle-class for a few extra votes on this?

  1. Jim says:

    Our President has discovered the veto. He has been recently explaining why he's going to have to veto so many of the Democrat's proposals and expenditures, such as more money for veteran's widows. Of course he wouldn't any deficit spending...

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey Jim I read about that and just shrugged it off, on the veto and to control spending, we have had years of runaway spending I mean they must think we are very dumb, I don't think any of America gave this a second thought, or they shouldn't. I saw the veteran's and widows of veteran's threat of a veto but they will probably won't mention this again because they know a few news organizations have hold of the story and I do mean a few, this is the kind of story the main-stream tries to bury.
    Here is the 2002 battle;That goal seemed within reach until mid-2002, when the White House lodged a strong veto threat against House and Senate bills favored by veterans groups.
    Here is a link of what is going on today on the veto threat on veteran's benefits;The Bush administration today threatened to a veto a House defense spending bill over a 3.5 percent pay raise for U.S. soldiers and a $40/month increase in benefits for military widows, among other provisions. The legislation passed the House today 397-27.
    We need to be thinking about our veteran's and their families, instead of making stump speeches and hollow promises, to say we support the troops and actually supporting them are two different things, thanks for bringing this up Jim it needs to be brought out on every blog on the net.

  1. Great reference Floyd and I must agree We really need to be thinking about our veteran's and their families.