Official Google Blog: A clean energy update

Posted: 6/19/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

This sounds like a heck of a car I found posted over at the Google Blog, being a concerned citizen and an environmentalist at heart my eyes perked up when I started reading this post. This car would do great on around town drives and I would like to see even more in the works for these, but from what I have heard they are a bit pricey. The addition of more batteries and the prospect of bio fuels and the use of electricity/gasoline to extend driving range is also encouraging. The car is not a bad looking car either, according to the post most of us drive approx. 35 miles a day and at that rate we could drive mostly on electricity, sounds good, sounds good we could just pass up the pump and look at oil just being held over our heads like a guillotine. It seems that our development of anything related to helping us out in the log-run of helping save our environment and helping save us money is always followed by the big interests and I will further venture to say that our fight for more fuel and energy Independence will only be met by more bureaucracy. Official Google Blog: A clean energy update Iran Could Use Oil As A Weapon Powerful Interests Strangle Energy Plan


  1. Is this the same type car the media made jokes about Bush being shocked by?

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey it could be? This is rather a nice looking car, for around town driving it would be nice to own one of these, I bet the price factor is steep on one of these. If we put a little into this well for instance, have charging stations and I believe this thing would take off at least for around town driving. Bush is probably shocked thinking about the oil industry if this thing were to take off. With our technology we could do a lot with this, we could do a lot more than we are doing, I don't really want to push the nuclear thing because getting into the car and having an accident would spell disaster,,but, with our technology it should be feasible, then, we would not have to charge it up for about 30 years. The technology is already in use, we just don't do it with automobiles.

  1. I'll tell you Floyd, I sure would like to have one of these cars... just point me to where the recharge is located and I'll be fine.

  1. Floyd says:

    I agree, the car looks good if they could make it affordable for the average American. For driving short distance it would be great, I think this one runs on gasoline for a reserve, this car would save us a lot in the long run.