Interesting Poll Numbers

Posted: 6/08/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Fox poll the question is do you happen to know which presidential candidate has been in the news recently for paying four hundred dollars for a haircut? 44% of respondents knew that it was John Edwards, a poll conducted on the 21st of July 2006 asked Iraq had weapons of mass destruction when the U.S. invaded. It was a true or false question and are you ready? 45% said not true, very close to the number that knew Edwards got an expensive haircut, almost or at least within 1% knew about Saddam's ghost weapons. This reflects a lot on the media which is becoming more and more like a soap opera.
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Poll: Same Number Know About Edwards' $400 Haircut That Know Saddam Didn't Have WMDs | TPMCafe


  1. Doesn't surprise me. The haircut didnt surprise me either. These people have stylists and beauty entourage in some cases. An expensive haircut is nothing!

    People will seize on any petty detail to avoid becoming informed on the issues perhaps? I dont know.

  1. Leo says:

    Why doesn't this surprise me?! Most Americans are apathetic when it comes to hard news, and most tv stations are apathetic about their news bureaus providing any, since it doesn't boost ratings and put money in their pocket like the "entertainment" stories do.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello Lynn and Leo, I figured a lot would find this very interesting and show us how informed we are on some things and it speaks to the media also, anymore you see more of these stories on the news instead of the genocide going on in Africa and the blood-letting going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, anymore you know more about what Paris Hilton is doing than what is going on in the real world and I think these poll numbers are a reflection on that. Thanks for visiting and commenting I relish the in-put and hope to see you soon.