Immigration Legislation? Nothing but B.S

Posted: 6/09/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

12 Democrats and 1 Independent joined 38 Republicans to kill this worthless bill on the Senate floor, we can not enforce the immigration laws we have now, according to James G. Gimpel a professor at the University of Maryland was quoted as saying "People on opposite sides of the political spectrum, in affect, banded together to defeat the middle." Hey, you reckon that happened James? Thanks are also in order to organized labor who used as much as it could to sway some of those Democrats, the fact of the matter is that we are not enforcing anything on the lines of immigration that we have on the books now there is no use creating more paper work and destroying more trees writing this garbage down.

Another fact is the garbage that most of the media is putting out, every time some "I know more than thou" guest appears on these spin zones what is the first thing out of their mouths? wah,wah, the "illegals" are doing jobs citizens don't want, that is the biggest pack of B.S you will ever hear. The meat packing company where the round-up took place these were above average paying jobs. I myself have worked with illegals in the iron industry and the auto industry and we made a little more than 18 bucks an hour, so the next time you here this garbage on television you can bet nine times out of ten it's B.S but even so they keep shoving it down our throats every time we turn on the boob tube, you would get a lot more out of watching 'days of our lives' than watching some of these so called media outlets.
Kennedy Plea Was Last Gasp for Immigration Bill - New York Times


  1. I believe that was mentioned in the Republican debate, that it is only necessary to enforce what is there now.

    I understand something must be done, but I also think that there could be a stronger employer component.

    Who knows what they will come up with next.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello Lynn, the employer aspect to all of this is very tantalizing indeed. The company themselves could go a long way on verification of their employees, one example and this was a few years back at company I was with in the mid-west there arose a problem there when a new president took over. It was discovered that a lot of our "illegals" had 'fake' cards and it also came to light they got these from Chicago and someone there apparently were making a lot of money, but the company figured this out all on it's own, but ended up letting the illegals stay on anyway. I trained many of them personally and this 'myth' of the all the media jumping on the band-wagon about this quote unquote illegals taking jobs citizens don't want is B.S, I know in the agriculture aspect of it good be close to the truth but,,they are not telling the whole story. The media uses this to 'soften' the impact of the whole truth, and I agree it will be interesting what they come up with next, I consider myself liberal on some issues, but I agree also that we don't enforce the immigration laws that are in affect right now. Hey lynn don't be a stranger thanks for dropping by.

  1. Here's my take on this and I know many Democrats want like it.

    We must crack down on the borders first and yes build that fence, enforce the laws we already have, hit the employers with a higher fine if they hire illegals.

    You are so right on this post. I do not know about the meat company or the iron industrial, but last year "illegals" were all I saw from start to finish of the building of my new home.

    So yes, that crap about them doing jobs Americans do not want to do is crazy. I am sure a lot of American's would love to make the money in construction.

    Great Post with the TRUTH!

  1. Floyd says:

    I like the way you think Larry, the reason the companies are making such a big thing about this is simply because most of them are breaking the laws. I know you are down around Georgia I believe? I was in Cherokee County about 5 years ago and the folks working with us were mostly illegals, I would estimate about 50% of our force. We even allowed a lot of them to stay in the units while we worked on'em 'free of charge.' Most of the money they make goes back to Mexico to help support their family down there, the media only publishes what it wants you to know, actually the US is not getting that much of the money back that they receive in wages, most of it goes down south. I think there are a lot of Americans like you Larry they know the media is pulling the wool over their eyes on this one.

  1. I'm down in Rockdale County, Georgia and it's a Republican county.

    There's a growth development here and a lot of Homes are being built everyday and all that you see building the Homes are illegals.

    I'm not sure what kind of money is being made, but I'm sure a lot of American's would love to have those contracts and those jobs.

    I also concur that a lot, if not most of that money made in this country are sent back to their country.... so I'm not buying what the Media and Senator Kennedy has to say to this subject.