Hamas Heading Toward Victory

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It now looks as if Hamas will gain a victory in Gaza as the fighting is going on fiercely, Hamas has won the Palestinian legislative elections but the best hope to win a peace accord with Israel seemed to be President Mahmoud Abbas and the United States put out millions of dollars supposedly for training security forces that were loyal to Abbas. By Wednesday hundreds of these forces had either run out of ammunition or had been forced in surrender, this article also states that the Israeli's refused to help Abbas basically because they did not want to see their own arms in the hands of Hamas. Back in February of this year Secretary Rice talked with Abbas about the peace accord with Israel, she was referring to the two-state solution in which there would be two separate states in western Palestine one Jewish and the other Arab. Currently, the common approach by many Palestinian supporters is to advocate an end to the occupation. These activists argue that if Israel were to withdraw from the West Bank, a two-state solution would automatically be created and peace would ensue. Israel did withdraw from the entire Gaza Strip back in 2005, but it did not lead to peace, there were rocket attacks against Israel and the election of Hamas to head up the Palestinian Authority was the icing on the cake so to speak, A true two-state solution will only come when the legitimacy of both parties' rights is fully recognized and that for the Israelis and Palestinians to come up with a manageable peace accord that satisfies both parties, and refusing that Israel has a right to exist just don't cut it as being on any road remotely associated with any kind of peace accord.
Hamas Victory a Blow to U.S. Policy | TIME


  1. What makes America think Prime Minister Ehud Olmert would help President Mahmoud Abbas do anything such as supply them with weapons that might be used against Israel at some point.

    Rice has shown that once again Bush and his administration cant do anything right when it comes to diplomatic diplomacy and solving such problems.

    The Islamic Militant Hamas won the Palestinian legislative elections 18 months ago and our President should have saw this coming.

    This two-state solution will cause more harm than good, both Israel and America just sat back and watched this happen.

    Both Israelis and Palestinians are looking at dark days when this get's to the West Bank where the territory is under Israeli control.

  1. Floyd says:

    Exactly Larry, the eccentrics look at this as though we get the two-state solution in place and peace will follow, however, time and again that has proved not the case. This is a very unstable region but the first thing is for the recognition of Israel's right to exist and until this is accepted I see no immediate peace in the region.

  1. hear, hear!

  1. Anonymous says:

    This chaos had not ensued if the West had supported the democratically elected Hamas government to begin with. That Hamas doesn't recognize Israel is hardly a reasonable cause for boycott ~ afaik the state of Lebanon does not recognize Israel either..and they get support!

  1. Floyd says:

    I see your point both eyes green, if we had acknowledged them as a democratically elected government and had opened up talks with them then there could have been some peace accord put together that could get some relief to the continuing violence in the area.

    Having said this it could have been a possibility if we could have had a strong foreign policy to deal with the issues, but Hamas has to accept Israels 'right to exist' without this nothing can become real in a peace initiative. But I do agree with you on the support issue, again, if we could have pressed and opened a dialog with them something could have come of it, it would have been worth enough to at least try, however, we have lost quite a bit of credibility in the world political stage.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Let's Talk--what you doin' stealing my icon? Let's talk!

    You're totally right about the predictability of all of this. They didn't care.

    Hamas and the radical palestinians are simply determined on evil murder and conquest, old-style middle east conquest and slaughter, biblical stuff. They believe it, why don't we?

  1. Dumb Ox, you have a great icon on your site... makes me a little jealous.

    "old-style middle east conquest and slaughter, biblical stuff. They believe it, why don't we?"

    Why dont we?