Daily Kos: Veto III

Posted: 6/20/2007 by Floyd in Labels: ,

BarbinMD says it pretty well with this third veto about 70% of the Americans got a kick in the teeth, plus, any kind of research or science in trying to find cures in the American health industry just got set back again based on ideology. In other words we had rather destroy these embryos than see any kind of cure that may help thousands of Americans occur, this is what America needs to know and that is this; the embryos are going to be destroyed anyway so it is best to destroy them than to see Americans that could be helped by the research.
Daily Kos: Veto III

Sixty percent of infertility patients with frozen embryos queried in the newly published survey said they would be willing to donate their unused embryos for stem cell research, however only about 22% would donate them for other couple pregnancy. The administration and their cronies would rather they be destroyed, this is a poll on the couples themselves the national poll is about the same maybe a little higher, but the decider knows more than the majority knows, we are nothing more than ropes on the good year blimp, a speck in the shadow of his greatness. Stem Cells can be used to find possible cures to many diseases not only one but to put this in perspective would be similar to saying instead of penicillin use the molded bread,

basically what they are saying is this; we had rather throw these things in the garbage than for them to be used to find a cure for a disease.

The point is they are going to destroy them anyway, once you read article's and there are tons out there then you realize just how dumb this veto is. This is critical information that is eliminated from most of television news and the majority of Americans have caught on to it, this is stem cells that are going to be destroyed so should not it make sense that they be used to help Americans? Sooner or later you will have some nut to say, well I don't think it is right to donate that heart or that kidney, it would be much better to bury it with the body. The majority always speaks but the politicians just aren't listening.
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  1. Jim says:

    It's no wonder we progressive bloggers feel like adversaries to these Republicans in office. Just yesterday they put together enough nay votes to stop a paltry $32 million for alternative energy research, because the money (pay-as-you-go) came from oil company tax breaks. Don't ask why those companies making the largest profits of all time need a tax break. But the Republicans nixed it.

    Sidebar: Floyd, have you tried the Apple browser for Windows, Safari? I've been using it for about a week and I really like it. It's faster than Firefox and it has some nice built in feeds, like free NY Times. Some users have had some trouble with it locking up, but on my little Toshiba with XP, it's fine.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey thanks for dropping by Jim I am testing it now, the print seems more clearer to me and easier to read. I have had a few problems with it but not much,,seems not to want to open up js script. On my toolbar I have a lot of windows to open up to post stuff, but I like the way the print looks very easy to read.