Clinton Aide In The Spotlight

Posted: 6/07/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

There is criticism of an aide to Mrs. Clinton, the aide Mark Penn has been labeled basically as a union buster and brings in question of Hillary's pro-worker and pro-union stand. The Teamsters even sent Clinton a letter addressing it. The complaint is that four years ago a drive to unionize the Cintas Corporation was helped by Burson-Marsteller in a vigorous effort to resist unionization, Penn has stated that he had no kind of involvement in this. I would say let the facts come out and also Mrs. Clinton should check into this, because it would be odd to have some union buster affiliated with her campaign. Of course a lot of her supporters would think nothing of this, but, I don't think it would look good to have this kind of thing to go further than this. If he had nothing to do with union busting that's fine, but if he did, show him the door. This is why I don't fit in to good with the Republican party who are always with the corporations and management and is never standing on the side of labor, this is what makes America great to be able to bargain in good faith for a decent wage and and medical for themselves and their families.
A Top Clinton Aide Draws Criticism From Unions - New York Times