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Posted: 6/11/2007 by Floyd in Labels: ,

The individual who flew on world flights recently has created a more open wound on how well we are guarding our borders since 9/11, and what a study found may shock you. Half of land crossers along the 4,000 mile border with Canada are not asked to present credential at all, in the study conducted it seems that in 2006 the testers got through on all 18 attempts and when the TB patient got through unscathed it opened the eyes of a lot of Americans and made them ask a lot of questions concerning just how equipped are we at being able to stop terrorists or anyone with a dangerous disease from entering the country?

Ralph Basham the commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection said that the effectiveness of the system was overshadowed by the failure to stop this one traveler.

The study shows us that the travelers breached the US border inspections 93% of the time.
What is just as much scary as this is to think how many are crossing the southern border? They walk across, climb across and dig tunnels across and in my opinion the borders are just as porous as they were before 9/11 and yet we have agendas to follow, but if we don't follow them then they are void the same as the immigration issue, we can't even protect our own borders. Now I realize that this will inconvenience travelers but it could stop a terrorist before he or she made to American soil, we have two border guards in prison right now for trying to stop a drug dealer from entering our country and nothing in a way of a pardon has ever been issued, what kind of message is that sending to our border guards? So when the talk comes around about securing our borders, remember my friends it is just talk, "A slogan for Washington."
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