Another employee's butchered benefits - Los Angeles Times

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This is a story of a man living in Los Angeles with his small son who is only 3 years old, Tony Mays is in a situation like many other Americans are in today and that is the problems that arise concerning health care in this country. The powers that be seemed UN-attached to the dying middle-class and while they wrestle and wrangle in Washington trying to find a 'grand compromise' and basically wasting their time and our money on a bill that we don't need they have lost touch with American needs and put the working class of this country on the back burner. Tony is a single parent and pays $775 a month for his apartment, he has been working close to 2 years for a super-market chain, a more decent apartment would run him about $1,100 a month but, he was told that he would have to clear 3 times that amount to qualify, his son will not qualify for insurance benefits until he has been on his job for 30 months, the company he works for has great profits and the scenario is somewhat like the Wal-Mart chain in which huge profits are made by sub-standard health benefits while the companies take the money to the bank. Who is picking up most of the tab? The American taxpayer of course and in Tony's situation the prior contract he is working under is responsible for his demise, a new strike is looming to which Tony is not ready for but what choice does he have? There are a lot of chains in America getting rich from the hard work of others who are barely above the poverty level, whether it is Vons or Wal-Mart it is all of us who pay in the end.
Another employee's butchered benefits - Los Angeles Time.

Wal-Mart keepin 'em poor

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  1. Leo says:

    Great post! Whatever happened to the idea that if you worked hard in America you could get ahead, or at the very least provide for your family. These days many regular joes, work two or three jobs and still can't afford healthcare for their kids or for themselves for that matter. It's a travesty that these corporations get richer and richer and their workers live on the edge of poverty.

  1. Floyd says:

    We see it as it really is Leo, health care needs a major overhaul in this country. It takes two working and paying insurance to make it, you pay for the insurance at work and that insurance pays 80% so if your kid or wife or you happen to get sick, you are responsible for the other 20% in other words one sickness in the family could land you in bankruptcy court, plus the one I got you pay $500 to get in the hospital, a trip to the emergency room costs you 50 bucks and if you have an operation or are hospitalized you are bankrupt.

    The ride in the ambulance will cost another $600 bucks, this is the real America and this is what the politicians don't want to deal with. The powerful medical lobby is busy in Washington, basically the doctors and the hospitals are making a killin so they don't want a nationwide heath care system like France or some of the others have, they want to get richer, the insurance companies are getting richer, the medical industry, the hospitals, everyone is getting richer off the working people of this country