Afghanistan; Opium capital of the world

Posted: 6/27/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

I wrote an article back in November last year concerning this opium problem in Afghanistan and it looks like the problem is still relevant and not going away anytime soon. This article deals with the large increase last year on the Afghan poppy harvest, an increase is also expected this year. Afghanistan contributes to 92% of the global opium production and 12% of Afghanistan's population is involved in opium production. The United States had a proposal to spray the crop, but that proposal was vetoed by the Afghan president. Another theory is that somehow if we deprive them from growing all this opium without providing a means of self supporting jobs or agriculture then that could turn a lot of the insurgency on us, this big opium trade is also pumping money into the hands of terrorist groups, the bottom line is this; Afghanistan is not going very well at all and nothing seems to be depleting this opium trade. The opium cultivation has been steadily increasing for about the last seven years in Afghanistan and now the producers are out producing whole countries, and a lot of this money gets funneled back to the Taliban who are now trying to control key areas of the south, on the 19th of June of this year more than one hundred people died over a three day period as the Taliban launched raids on police posts in a district in southern Afghanistan.

Record opium crop in southern Afghanistan Special reports Guardian Unlimited

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