NDTV.com: US, Iran to hold talks in Baghdad

Posted: 5/28/2007 by Floyd in Labels: ,

Talks are said to take place in Baghdad with the US and Iran, this will be their first talks in about 27 years. Iran is currently under US and UN sanctions due to it's nuclear program, Iran, who was previously listed as one of the axis of evil, will probably stress a quick withdrawal from the region and it is highly unlikely under the circumstances that anything will come of this. Our military is seeing more deaths as May turns out to be one of the highest months and according to this data it could even top last month's 104, the trend seems climbing after the 'surge option' is being now put into place. On this Memorial Day we remember the troops and their families and we hope and pray the troops come home soon and safe and that 'all' of America remember them and I know that all of us support our troops in every way that we are able and to the troops who are entangled in a civil war that has be raging for over a year now we pray you stay safe on this day and every day and we pray you are home soon. NDTV.com: US, Iran to hold talks in Baghdad


  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said, Floyd. Thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog.

  1. Floyd says:

    hello Beth, you are most welcome and thanks for dropping by, you are always welcome at reason.