Mob cheers as British soldier dies | International News | News | Telegraph

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A mob broke into cheers and dancing as a British soldier was killed in an ambush on the streets of Basra, a civilian convoy driver was also killed. It has grown more increasingly that the central government will not survive the long-term. In Lebanon violence erupts and thousands flee the immediate region as the middle-east becomes more of a hotbed for violence, the group linked in this fighting according to CNN is also linked with Al-Qaeda. About 25 more bodies were found scattered in the streets of Baghdad and brings the monthly total to approx. 495, a car bomb exploded this morning and took out about 25 more people close to a Baghdad market. A blast that ripped through Ankara Turkey is also blamed to terrorism, the blast killed at least 5 people and wounded dozens.

Mobs still cheer just as they did years ago when some were televised during the beginning years of the Iraq war, we simply do not here of it in like matter as we used to the reporting has grown weary and probably it is so dangerous that reporters fear for their lives. Whatever the reason may be the Iraqis view us as occupiers and not liberators, this became clear in the war early on when polls showed that the majority of Iraqis actually agree with the attack on the American troops and it became clear to the majority of the American people that the view of us was not as polished as one were to believe, as we get bits and pieces of news we see that the Middle-East itself has become a hot-bed for violence in the near neighbors of Iraq.
Mob cheers as British soldier dies | International News | News | Telegraph
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  1. Why don't America leave and let Blackwater and other security companies take over... after all, they are being paid more than our military with our tax dollars.

  1. Floyd says:

    Right on Larry, you and I are veteran's and served our country and I would feel different about this mess if we were actually making some kind of progress, but that is not the case and years into this thing we can see that by just the bits of information that is coming to the surface. I fear also that this Shia and Sunni war will probably spread to surrounding areas, the civil war that is going on over there that the news (most of them) simply close their eyes, this is pure and simple clearcut and meets the criteria of a civil war, it boggles the mind on the rationale of the news agencies who think we as Americans do not know the definition.

    The oil in Iraq was supposed to play a major role in rebuilding the infrastructure of the country, but they can't keep it flowing enough to even make a dent in that. Young Muslims in America at 25% believe that suicide bombings might be justified and that is a poll being touted now on CNN, it is strange that no Iraqi polls have came out lately?

    Backwater profit for war, read more on this more or less .

  1. Floyd says:

    That link did not come out? I will try again or click on the little period in above comment.


  1. I read a post similar to this with the same YOUTUBE, called The Dishpan Chronicles, Great article.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey Larry, dishpan has worked on her blog since I visited last it looks great and this woman is a great writer. Blackwater more or less are mercenaries and like you said they make a lot better money than our military.