Iraq,,to be continued,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Posted: 5/04/2007 by Floyd in Labels: ,


  1. Ron says:

    Well said. Maybe continued for, likem forever?

  1. Floyd says:

    That could be Ron, I put up the little photo in light of the veto, figure a picture says over 3,300 words.
    I saw Bohner (I can't spell his last name) on Wolf's CNN show today whinning on how Congress would hurt the troops if we keep up the pressure on the king, If they gave a damn about the troops they would get them out of that mess created by the higher ups.
    Unless we can vote the rest of the ones out of Congress and the Senate this it what we will have, and my state of Kentucky has one of the biggest obstacles in the Senate standing in the way of progress,,,his name is Mitch McConnell.

    Hopefully in the next election we can get rid (vote out) of the ones hindering our way to progress, Iraq is going nowhere we need a lot of folks in there with at least half a brain that can see this. Cheney's old company is making a bloody fortune off this war, I would say a lot are making proffit off it.

    Number 2- we need someone with some guts to stand up to the oil companies, we are being raped daily at the gas pumps. It will take a lot of years to get back on tract and job growth for this quarter has slowed down to a crawl.
    Basically,,it's one big mess.