Dinosaurs were on Noah's Ark: US museum. 27/05/2007. ABC News Online

Posted: 5/26/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

I did not know where to post this on my other blog or on reason? Well I have been silent a long time on religion so let's go. First of all not all Christians believe man was created only 6,000 or so years ago, namely Adam and his help-mate or wife Eve. I know in the Bible you have read many times, a thousand years is as one day to God, (figure of speech) one day is as a thousand years. In other words it could be a very long or short time with God, time is not relevant to God. Just about everything in this article needs revision, it was not 6 days as we know days and Adam was an 8Th day creation, all you Bible readers need a Strong's Concordance to give the meaning of the words from their original Hebrew & Greek, there are many other tools out there that can help you see the text in it's 'true' meaning. The 6Th day creation Genesis 1-24/27, and pay close attention to (27), these are not literal days, this is billions of years, these creations of men and women who became fisherman, hunters and the like. Read now Genesis 2-5, there was no-one to till the ground? Now read on till 21 look at the word rib,,in the Hebrew this is the word curve, (Helix Curve)(DNA), now look at 23. The name Eve does not appear till Genesis 3-20,,why create Adam & Eve way later than the original creations?Well that is simple through Eve would eventually be born "Jesus" Eve therefore is the mother of all living, because in Christ we all live. The children this article alludes to would not be confused if the bible were explained in it's form it was meant to be. Well that is the Bible lesson for today kids, I agree the Earth is billions of years old, but, the bloodline to which Christ would eventually be born is not, I study the word and go back to the 'original' manuscripts from whence it was translated so do I believe God created the Universe and everything within it? ABSOLUTELY. Dinosaurs were on Noah's Ark: US museum. 27/05/2007. ABC News Online


  1. I'll just say this science has traced all the way back to when the universe was first form and found nothing… I am saying, something created the universe.

    There is no way that nothing could ever create anything. Albert Einstein came to this conclusion.

  1. Floyd says:

    I agree Larry, the article that I linked to just does not go in depth to the meaning of Genesis, or Noah's Ark for that matter, most believe the only people on the Ark were Noah and his family. They have not dug into the manuscripts,but,let me end by saying nothing could ever create anything. Thanks for dropping by Larry I am always glad to hear from you.