This is just another report of a company feeding the employees a bunch of B.S, Wal-Mart wants to keep all those big millions it is making and keep their workers in the dark. When I read this I thought to myself same old song and dance, but as I continued, I see Wal-Mart might want to break a few labor laws to keep it's pocket nice and full. They don't want to go to the table with a Union because then they might have to pay a higher wage and seniority just might mean something then and the health benefits just might be better than they are right now. There is a lot of employees at Wal-Mart who might be wondering hey, I am nearing 65 wonder if I will get retirement from Wal-Mart? Well, not if you don't have the Union, but that might cut into Wal-mart's big trips to the bank.
Democracy Now! | Report: Wal-Mart Violates Worker Rights, Fosters "Culture of Fear" to Prevent Employees From Forming Unions