White House Ignored Warnings, Tenet Says

Posted: 4/28/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Former CIA director George Tenet puts out a book that claims the administration ignored warnings that Iraq was degrading into a Civil War.Tenet accuses the White House of having no strategy for handling post-war Iraq and concludes that the recent effort to deploy more troops has come far too late.

"It may have worked more than three years ago," Tenet wrote, "before a country that believed it had a national identity reverted to the politics of religious and ethnic identification."

Sharp criticism of Vice president Dick Cheney, Secretary Condoleezza Rice and also Stephen Hadley, are to be had in this 549 page book, Tenet also admits the CIA errors involved in the so called 'weapons of mass destruction,' he contends no strategy whatsoever when the troops hit the ground in the invasion and no strategy at all on what should be done afterwards? Hmm,,
White House Ignored Warnings, Tenet Says