Welcome Billy Gillispie

Posted: 4/06/2007 by Floyd in

It is official that Billy Gillispie of Texas A&M has excepted the position of head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats, he done a splendid job for Texas and I believe that he can bring us back to our glory days. We were looking for a coach with the passion for college basketball and we have found it with Billy Gillispie, a giant pep rally in Lexington says it all, welcome Billy to the die hard BIG BLUE FANS. Billy says he is excited to be be here and is looking forward to finishing the roster, we are continue to maintain and turn up the tempo of the game, lets all do it together.


  1. Ron West says:

    Wildcat fans got themselves a hell of a coach. Think of where A&M was BEFORE he came to College Station.


  1. Floyd says:

    You are so right Ron, he did one hell of a job with A&M. I like his up-beat talking, the guy seems to live for the game and I can hardly wait for the season to begin and see this guy in action.

    In the pep rally and the interviews he did, he just seemed to want to hit the ground running, he gives me hope again. Thanks for coming by Ron, drop in anytime.