Troop Death Climbs

Posted: 4/17/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Over the past 6 months American troops have died in Iraq at the highest rate since the war began. From October last year through last month 532 American soldiers have been killed. No wonder I found this article buried, March also marked the first time that the military saw four straight months of 80 or more fatalities. And April is not shaping up any better with at least 58 deaths through Monday and shaping up to be one of the deadliest months since the war began. The death numbers have swelled to 3,305 and at no sign is slowing anytime soon.

Another thing going on is the search for a war czar and apparently they are having a hard time filling the position, must be set up for a fall guy or something for this mess they are in. Apparently John McCain came clean on admitting he has no plan B for Iraq, so if what they are doing does not work then were do we go from here? In the news reports we do get coming out of Iraq it is plain to see that a beefed up force in the inner city just causes the violence to spread out a little farther. Wait,,is not this what the Generals said that were replaced?
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KRT Wire | 04/16/2007 | U.S. troop deaths climbing in Iraq
No Plan B?


  1. merjoem32 says:

    I think that McCain firmly believes that the troop surge will improve things in Iraq. I think that he is wrong but has has remained consistent on John McCain on Iraq. He also believes that he can gain more votes if ever the situation in Iraq improves.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey merjoem32 thanks for stopping and commenting, I think you are right on when you said John McCain is staking his hope in Iraq and the outcome. John has also remained consistent on his reasoning of the Iraq war and his total faith in it.

    The situation in Iraq would more than likely call for a political solution and this is where he is going wrong and Iraq will not improve for him to gain any political ground there, if he had talked about other issues and kinda not went out on the limb so to speak in my opinion he would be the front runner for the Republican nomination.

    In Iraq you have ethnic groups warring each other and you have the insurgency, and you have us in the middle and you don't see any cohesiveness within the government itself, earlier in April there were mass demonstrations against the coalition forces who are mostly Americans, I don't see any improvement in the near future there.

    It took us over 200 years to get to where we are now, this will be a long process for Iraq and it must get along with it's neighbors in the region to succeed.

    McCain is going against the tide of Americans who see this for what it is, you can't go against majorities of Americans and expect to gain any political ground there, I know they say polls don't matter but you can't use psychology on Americans and expect them to buy it, the majority does matter.

    If you are on the Titanic it would be smart to look for a lifeboat before jumping overboard.