Top general: U.S. needs a bigger Army faster -

Posted: 4/29/2007 by Floyd in Labels: ,

Gen. Casey visited Hawaii in a region tour to talk with soldiers and their families, he plans visits to Japan, South Korea and Alaska. While fielding questions a woman in the group voiced concern that in the 1990's deployment lasted for six months, then it increased to 12 months and now she is hearing of the 15 months now with the announcement two weeks ago, her question seemed to be is this going to end? Casey responded to her that he could not guarantee that.
which brings me to my point, Casey also said the demand for forces exceeds the supply, we can break that down anyway we want but the military is stretched to the breaking point and a lot of this is falling on the backs of the military families. The military we have today has done a most tremendous job and with the agenda that we are trying to maintain we are just heaping onto the backs of this military and their families.

Without holding Iraq to any kind of benchmarks and no kind of deadline, how much can we expect them to do? The administration keeps putting out more talk and more talk without showing us anything, show us something other than escalation of car bombings and civil war show us something other than the majority of Iraq hating our guts and wanting us out of the country, all I see is the PM and others wanting to keep their jobs. And who is paying the price the military and their families, that is who is paying the most, and the Iraqis themselves who are caught in an ongoing civil war with constant blood-letting as daily the dead are gathered up off the streets and none as of now knows whatsoever what victory in Iraq means, it's like we have come to the point people want us to remain in a civil war without ever knowing how to define victory there and the Congress has bent over backwards in my opinion to try and get something workable out of this mess, to keep increasing tours of our military is not the answer, benchmarks will have to be set and met.
Top general: U.S. needs a bigger Army faster -