Pelosi: We Must Work Together to Wind Down the Iraq War

Posted: 4/18/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Nancy gave a message that Congress and the administration must work together to wind down this Iraq War, more mass bombings are taking place now in Baghdad and the Independents of America have jumped the G.O.P ship most because of the stand on this war. After meeting with some Iraq veteran's and families of veteran's she issued a straight to the point message and I must say it is a good read. As we read the news today we see the mass bombings and murders in Iraq approximately 183 were killed in these bombings that took place in some Iraqi markets and a lot of the interviews and news people speaking with survivors there, listen, who are they blaming? They are blaming America.

Tony Blair announced back in February that British troops would probably drop to 5,000 by the end of the year down from their 7,200 they have there, leaving Iraq is not surrendering as John McCain would have you believe, it is simply allowing the Iraqi government to begin to stand on it's own. Staying and dying indefinitely should not be an option with us, some kind of withdrawal plan needs to be addressed, I know it is a big mess but we have to start somewhere and John needs to look hard for plan B, because it is obvious that plan A is not cutting it.
Pelosi: We Must Work Together to Wind Down the Iraq War
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