PC World - DNS Hole Puts E-Mail at Risk

Posted: 4/15/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Late Thursday Microsoft reported a vulnerability exists in its DNS server that could allow a hacker to take over the service. E-mail is routed via DNS, so a hacker could misdirect e-mails, DNS holds a trusted relationship with its users because it directs them to web sites based on the URLs that are typed into the browsers. It seems corporations would be at higher risk that use Microsoft and it is noted in the article that consumers using large ISPs run their DNS servers on Unix or Linux and draws the conclusion that these would not be at risk. The article also notes the attacks could go on relatively unnoticed.
And now my take on this, this does happen to be fresh news, but the new world we live in concerning the Internet or phones for that matter. Be aware that our privacy has been damaged so much in the last few years that it really is non-existent now, call this food for thought. I could write this under politics because I believe that and the news stories in the past verifies it, but I will put it under tech, but also be aware that more than likely this is the tip of the iceberg.
PC World - DNS Hole Puts E-Mail at Risk
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