More killing/one great war machine

Posted: 4/03/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

At a point when we should be seeing the Iraqis taking charge of their destiny and as some politicians say it, "stepping up to the plate." What we are seeing is the near opposite of this scenario, the fact is that in March our U.S military saw twice as many deaths as the Iraq forces did.
This is very significant in itself, another thing is that the violence is still occurring and is increasing in the surrounding provinces.
The departing generals of the field had came to this conclusion long before they were replaced by 'yes men,' in other words if you beef things up in Baghdad then the surrounding provinces will see an upturn in violence and the numbers are bearing this out, this information was taken from an associated press article.

The military has came up with something that according to sources can stand up to the roadside bomb among other heavy artillery. It is called the Cougar and I saw a documentary on it today and one great thing is it gets the 'gunner' inside, it can be used with machine guns or heavier rounds. From what I have read about this thing it looks to be one grand war machine, made from steel and bullet proof glass it is one great machine plus it keeps all personnel inside including the gunner.