Lawsuit survives on voting machines

Posted: 4/15/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

A devided Pennsylvania court kept alive a lawsuit concerning the touch screen voting machine, the machines at best have been plauged by glitches. Electors have alleged the machines are unreliable and charge them of losing votes, changing votes and losing votes. In a democracy to which we live being the greatest on Earth, you would think we could surmise a solution to this problem. During the last election many machines did break down and glitches were noted, to read more concerning the voting machines read the articles I have on them under voting. There have been many different articles concerning this process and we as Americans should be most concerned.
Lawsuit on electronic voting machines survives Daily News 04/14/2007


  1. Snave says:

    I don't like the voting machines at all. COmments from Diebold officials claiming the next election would be delivered to Bush, and even the simple fact that Chuck Hagel was on the board of directors for one of those voting machine outfits is enough to suggest to me that one party tends to exert more control or influence over the machines than the other party does.

    To me this is nothing more than yet another subversion of our rights. To me, the current administration has violated the Constitution far too much and its impeachable offenses seem to mount daily. I just don't know if Americans will wake up in time to smell the feces... sigh...

  1. Floyd says:

    You are most correct, some places this software comes from is most in question. The country we live in is most capable of making a machine that is more trustworthy, than what we have.

    I see it also as a subversion of our rights, from the simple facts is they know these machines have problems, yet you never here of them making any changes to remedy this problem.

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