Guns are not evil in themselves

Posted: 4/18/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Guns in themselves are merely tools, individuals decide how the tool is to be used. First off anyone who has read within reason blog should know that my politics lean left and when I thought about writing this post I reasoned in myself how I could write it to maybe get a point across.

Over really the past few years or so we have seen an upturn in violence and many times guns are used in that violence, henceforth they become a target to direct our anger toward but in doing so we miss part of the point. Some out there have actually protected themselves by having them and then at this point they become a tool for good, what has changed here is the society in which we live and I dare say some of us have become lazy. Many warning signs were noticed in the individual which carried out the deadly and senseless attack at Virginia Tech and I believe in the last interview I saw an English Professor had reported it and some knew this individual was unstable but no action was taken, however the professor went on to say that he (the shooter) was worked with at some point.
I have been around guns all my life of course the military and in civilian life, being around guns or growing up with them does not make one a crazed killer. But I realize also that they are unstable individuals out there, that don't need within a hundred feet of one. But let us look further into this,, when I grew up and when a lot of you grew up we never heard of this did we? So what has changed? Society has changed. When I grew up for one thing we had more discipline in our schools and we had it at home also didn't we, now when discipline is warranted a threat of calling the police is issued to the parent and I must say I have been a witness to it myself, yes, I have heard kids say this to their parents. First can you or I imagine saying that to our Father or Mother? Not many are attending church or sending their kids to Sunday school these days either.
Another thing that has changed is the constant bulling in school, yes we had those when I went to school also, but, after a few visits to the principle's office and a few whacks with the ruler put that at bay didn't it. What has changed? Discipline has changed, respect for the parents have changed and video games and music have taken the place of communicating with the parents. And in these times or in this decade one person can't make a living, it takes two people working to earn a decent living in this country and to support the family and by the time we get home we are so tired we just want to go to sleep and this also plays a role, by leaving us very little time if any to pass on values to our children.
So by this post I have given you a 'few' reasons on how society has changed over the years, guns have not changed since then,,,,society has changed.


  1. Ron West says:

    You make a lot of sensible points. While I'm in favor of better/stronger gun control laws, our society also needs to think through of host of issues that involve violence in our society.

    Given the vast number of guns in society, these difficult issues are probably a lot more important than any single gun control measure in and of itself.


  1. Excellent post. Both sides are attempting to take advantage of the situation to advance their causes.

  1. Floyd says:

    Another thing that has changed in America is prayer in school, every morning we would say the 'pledge of allegiance' to the flag and have a small prayer afterwords this is all directed from the principal's office via the intercom. I would like to see this cause taken back up in America and let's start looking at the real problem's instead of blaming inanimate objects.

    Hey thanks for the in-put and commenting on my blog, please feel free to state your beliefs. I also believe in addressing the real problems and the responsibility of people in charge to see the problem students and address these problems, the guy who did this shooting was a time bomb ready to explode and the problem was not addressed when they were made aware that this individual did indeed have a problem and that is where the failure actually begins.

    The last guy to evaluate this person was a doctor who said he was a normal person, therefore, the insanity found by the first doctor did not show up on his record when he went gun shopping.