From hiding, Sadr rallies against the US |

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On the fourth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad tens of thousands of demonstrators poured out in protest of the American military, some demonstrators were wearing Army uniforms. And as this thing draws on past the four year mark and in all the news coming out of Iraq it looks like a majority of people want us to leave, that is a stark contrast from when we first entered the theater and were told we were liberators of an oppressed people. The demonstrations seemed held to unite the Iraqis in their quest to oust the U.S from their country. Now John McCain is still touting that he disagrees with the majority of Americans and believes the war is winnable although he has back paneled a lot from his original comments, the sad part is none of these individuals who claim the tide will turn in our favor is able to describe just what a victory in Iraq means and this my friends is the heart of the problem.
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From hiding, Sadr rallies against the US |
John McCain's Iraq Problem


  1. Tisha! says:

    at this stage victory would be being able to pull out at all don't you think? but that might take ages

  1. Floyd says:

    I am glad to hear from you tisha, you said it exactly. In other words why proceed down a road that has no end? And at the rate we are going it will will be after 2008 and it also depends on who we put in the White House.

    It seems a great majority of Americans have caught on to whats going on in this war, the solution must be found by the Iraqis themselves. Iraq's fate lies in a political solution and not a military solution and this must be worked out by the Iraqis themselves.

    There are many things going on there, ethnic cleansing, different political factions and Armies and many reports including the Iraq Study Group report coming to conclusions of these factions integrating into the police and the Iraqi Army.

    Some supporters of this war believe that if we win, whatever that may mean, is that we win the war on terror and this is just not the case. What is going on is with all these demonstrations going on over there is that Iraq is at war with itself and with us. What has and is going on are not some little demonstrations these are tens of thousands of people and what they are trying to accomplish is to unite these different factions against us, that should be clear to any logical person.

    I am glad you came by and commented on this and we did score a victory, we got rid of Saddam and in essence Iraq elected it's government, but Iraq's future lies with itself.