Cheney Claws Reid

Posted: 4/25/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Not agreeing with Reid's assessment of how Iraq is progressing, put his thoughts into words. That being said it is noted that no bill will go forward, with any hint of a withdrawal written therein, and the troops will remain indefinitely or until "I" decide when they will return here,,,I have spoken.


  1. Gunti says:

    Thanks for linking to the DitchMitchKY blog is such a way! We all very much appreciate your support, and thanks so much for leaving a comment! Together, we're going to make this happen!

  1. Elmo says:

    Faith of the Abomination is an independent documentary film created in Austin, TX about the experiences of a lesbian couple who went undercover as a heterosexual couple inside an Evangelical Organization. The film is currently in post production.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey elmo my friend it has been a while, thanks for the link, I would like to see this film sounds interesting from the link, sounds like the church needs to pray a little more, when we get down to it all people are God's children.

    Hey Gunti, you have my support my friend, we need all the blocks voted out of Congress, Mitch is rich and has much money to through around here and I can only hope Kentucky will wake up and smell the coffee, he is more or less a hindrance to progress and has nothing to offer middle America of this state or lower income and poor who live here,,if there is a vote on the minimum wage or women's rights or the working Union people of this state you can bet your bottom dollar he will be right there pushing us down.