Bloodshed continues amid fierce fighting

Posted: 4/13/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

The so called fortified Green Zone took a suicide bombing Thursday killing 8 and wounding about 23. This hit came hours after a hit on a major bridge in Baghdad that sent cars into the Tigris River that killed at least 10 more people. The bridge was a main artery in Baghdad that links the two halves together across the Tigris River. This account says that 20 were wounded in the Green Zone blast but other reports have put the figure at 23, the Green Zone is one of the most heavily fortified in Iraq.
The head of the Turkey armed forces also has issued a statement to conduct operation's against the Kurd's who are one of the smaller sect's in Northern Iraq, his intentions are to crush Kurdish rebels who are hiding there.

In the neighborhood of Fadhil Tuesday saw a day long battle and some of the worst fighting since the so called surge began 2 months ago. A suicide bomber exploded her bomb at a police recruiting agency killing at least 9. A lot of the military personnel were worried the war could spread to other close proximity locations and the head of Turkey's military could be bearing this out, Turkey is an ally of the U.S however, the Kurds are one of the only sects in Iraq who have a positive toward the U.S.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates extended tours of duty by 3 months, jumping it from 12 up to 15 months of deployment. It does not take a genius to realize that the military is stretched very thin and the need for longer deployments is showing this. Add all this to Turkey wanting to fight in the Kurdish regions of Northern Iraq just adds to all the unrest of the region.
After reading a few articles in the news I see John McCain who is holding only 12% of the Republican primary vote and I can see why, with all the killing, bombing and dying in Iraq, even in the Green Zone he continues to beat a dead horse. And he continues to blame the Democrats? Well might as well blame about 70% or more of Americans also John, because when you are preaching your nonsense to them you are preaching it to us.
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