Posted: 3/28/2007 by Floyd in

The war is over when I say it's over, I love that little third grade quote. The bottom line is the American public does not matter and Congress or the Senate does not matter, this has really been clear from the beginning we are going to liberate these people if it destroys our military or the Republican party. I say in the next elections send some more of 'em packing, sooner or later the American people will have their say.
I see in the Senate Joe Lie-berman voted with the stay in Iraq war hawks, uh, even if it breaks the country or the back of the military. What ever happened to the phrase, 'by the people and for the people'? Well, the veto will be on the way I suppose, but at least it is some kind of effort put forth to stop this madness.


  1. LIEberman is scum, and Hagel is honorable. Welcome to your world in 2007.

    What on Earth was Connecticut thinking anyway? Holy Joe is only about a stone's throw from "Rapture Rick" Santorium-he's a coward who is a 100% owned subsidiary of his corporate masters. This guy hasn't given a damn about the ideals of the Democrats for a long time-if he ever did.

  1. Floyd says:

    You got that right Hagel, is one of the few that is making sense.

    The bottom line is that this madness is basically a civil war and it will have to be solved by Iraq itself. For instance when we had our civil war it would be like England or France teamed up on one side or the other, and from what I have been reading the Saudis are breaking ranks.

    this is only depreciating our standing in the world, by continuing this crusade that is a no win situation militarily. It is also clear that a vote for a Republican is a vote mostly to continue the madness, not all of them of course but most.