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The war is over when I say it's over, I love that little third grade quote. The bottom line is the American public does not matter and Congress or the Senate does not matter, this has really been clear from the beginning we are going to liberate these people if it destroys our military or the Republican party. I say in the next elections send some more of 'em packing, sooner or later the American people will have their say.
I see in the Senate Joe Lie-berman voted with the stay in Iraq war hawks, uh, even if it breaks the country or the back of the military. What ever happened to the phrase, 'by the people and for the people'? Well, the veto will be on the way I suppose, but at least it is some kind of effort put forth to stop this madness.

Edwards’ Cancer Has Spread Into One of Her Hips - New York Times

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John Edwards who is one in the running for the White House in '08, has recently brought it to the publics attention that his wife's cancer has returned. This has lately been on quite a few news programs, you know, anymore they put a spin on just about anything. In this article we read that some critics have suggested that Mr. Edwards may exploit his wife's condition to gain our sympathy and our votes.
I don't think in the least this is the case but, like I said the news will spin just about anything unless it involves getting us out of the killing fields of the ongoing civil war in Iraq. As things stands now Bugs Bunny would do a better job than who we have now and I am mighty sure Edwards would if he were elected.
So if Edwards and his wife decide to run on, then I commend them for that and if he decides to drop out because of this illness with his wife, then I commend him for that. This is a terrible disease and I have seen it first hand, I wish him and his family the best of luck in whatever decision they may make.
Edwards’ Cancer Has Spread Into One of Her Hips - New York Times

Tubby Smith leaves U.K

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The press probably already scooping this up but here goes,,Tubby Smith head coach of U.K has left that position. It looks as though he will be coach at Minnesota. Tubby has had some good years at U.K, the news actually broke about 2 P.M this evening.
I had heard a lot of talk about changes but had no idea the changes would come this swiftly, this evening Tubby boarded a plane in Lexington bound for Minnesota and did not give any interview, wow, talk about fast breaking news.

Immigration Measure Introduced

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