This is a good little fair and balanced article in Fox News about Mitch McConnell talking up the escalation of the Iraq war, what they don't tell you is a poll conducted in Kentucky where a 52% majority was "against" the escalation of the Iraq war. The state has been slowly building against the escalation of the war and polls taken are showing that trend, but of course polls don't matter, just spend till we go bust on an ill gotten agenda that has basically turned into the "mess of the century."McConnell is up for re-election in 2008 which is not till next year, if I am to assume this correctly if he were up for it this year, he would not be as quick to support this failing agenda. Just lately there is heated up press talk of Tony Blair pulling out a lot of the troops by the end of this year, which seems like a good move on his part due to the violence and ongoing civil war there.

Cheney's take on all this is to press on blindly, and a statement he made kind of did not sit right with me, he wants to complete the mission right, whatever that means, and another thing he stated was he wanted the troops to "come home with honor." So if the troops come home now it would not be with honor? Saddam has been done away with and the troops have done everything that has been asked of them, I think we are dishonoring them by asking them to stay in a country with a civil war going on with no clear agenda by us of what the outcome should be, or for that matter what victory is actually to mean. Let me clarify that not "by us" but by our pompous politicians, whose only answer to generals in the field who don't agree with them, to dismiss these and replace them with "yes men."
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12 Republicans Break Ranks on Iraq Resolution - New York Times

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12 of the Republicans voice their opinion in a "no-binding" resolution to protest the escalation of the war in Iraq, we need to remember that this is in no way binding and to think that this kind of action would do anything to get anything across to these hard-heads is just wishful thinking.
At this point the only thing that will stop this idiotic crusade is to cut off funding for the war in itself, months from now we will be where we are at now, in a country where over 80% of the population hates out guts trying to stop a civil war that has broken out among the Sunni and Shia of Iraq.
And, months from now we will still be paying the price of money and lives. We have had more troops in Iraq earlier in the war and it made no change the violence gets worse and not better, it seems to me that the American people are the only ones smart enough to know that.
12 Republicans Break Ranks on Iraq Resolution - New York Times

Analog T.V Signals

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This is an article I picked up over at DSS from Bob the tech on sky report;
From SkyReportLove it or hate it, as of today all analog television signals will go black on Feb. 17, 2009 as part of a federal mandate signed by the president a year ago tomorrow. But if a certain advocacy group gets its way - the digital transition could come to a screeching halt later this year.As has been widely reported, the digital transition date is when every full-power television station in the country will be required to stop their analog transmissions impacting millions of Americans without the technology to receive the new all-digital signal. Consumers without a pay-TV subscription from satellite, cable or telco will be forced to buy new TVs with digital tuners or get a converter box to see images on their old sets.But Public Citizen, a nonprofit consumer-advocacy group in D.C., is trying to get the courts to strike down the law that requires the signals to be shut off. Earmarked to the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, Public Citizen contends that the analog cutoff is unconstitutional because it was included in the law that was enacted unconstitutionally. (Article 1, Section 7, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution requires the House and Senate to pass identical bills - apparently the DRA had two versions.)It should be noted that legal attacks on the Act have been fought in courtrooms on four previous attempts. All, according to Public Citizen, have been unsuccessful.
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Pirated Vista dirt cheap on Latin American streets | Reuters.com

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Get your vista windows for ten bucks, heck Gates has enough money.
Pirated Vista dirt cheap on Latin American streets Reuters.com

Iran is getting in on the act to

Bush sends $2.9 trillion budget to Congress - Politics - MSNBC.com

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Time to pay up, this is the actual title that should be on this article or another good title would be la, la, land for the middle class and poor of this country. Just as I have said many times someone will have to pay for this mess namely, middle class, the poor, the elderly and of course students.
Basically using the programs and entitlements in this country to finance the the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He proposes savings in the Medicaid and Medicare programs and slowing the growth of payments to hospitals and health care providers, Bush also proposes that high-income Medicare recipients pay even higher monthly premiums drug coverage, doctor visits, etc. etc.
A request has also been made for $245 billion more for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Bush sends $2.9 trillion budget to Congress - Politics - MSNBC.com