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The Vice President of Iraq has declared that the Sunni's were victims of ethnic cleansing and his estimate about 23,000 or so were killed last year, some estimates run even higher than this and it is hard to get a clear record on the exact number. Mr. Hashemi also stated that the bombing of a Shi'ite shrine in Samarra last February, blamed on Al Qaeda had hit the Sunni full force.
The Iraqi President has taken a mind of his own in an appointment that was not decided by the decider, Lt Gen. Abud Quanbar was chosen to head the military effort in Baghdad. General's in the field have complained that officials in Maliki's government have blocked them from combating Sadr's Al Mahdi militia.
The new appointee would command 18 Brigades who are supposed to fight with Americans to combat the violence, they were supposed to be there earlier according to the Iraq Study Group's report and the Brigades promised them never materialized, should we trust they would be there now? Apparently in his new appointment President Maliki never enlightened his own government of what was taking place, a lawyer in the Sunni bloc issued this statement; "Nobody asked us, this is the first I've heard."

Some citizens have stated that living in Baghdad is like really living in jail, as violence takes the city by storm. Abu Mina a ceramic Artist and professor is but one example out of many that are virtual prisoners in Baghdad, when speaking of the sectarian gunmen Mina said that only boys and men were being killed and substantiates the Vice president's assessment of ethnic cleansing. Mina's son has attended school only once in the past two weeks, and Shia as well as Sunni live in daily fear of their lives. Maliki the Iraqi president has hesitated to crack down on Shi'ite militias such as the Mehdi Army, who according to the Iraq Study Group has about 60,000 or so fighters and this is an estimate. Mr. Mina seemed skeptical of the plan of sending more troops to quell the ongoing violence and said if no improvement within a couple of months he and his family will move on.
As far as moving on it is costing a higher and higher price, a story along this line is that of Ra'ad Farouk who paid the amount of $25,000 to an immigration broker who is now demanding another $10,000. Farouk said he received many death threats over the past months because he works for the Health Ministry and insurgents see anyone working with or for the government as betrayers.
Before 2006 the brokers who provided asylum in Europe for Iraqis the going price was about $5,000 and now the average price is between $15,000 and $25,000 dollars, a pharmacist three months ago paid $30,000 to get asylum to Sweden only to discover the broker he had been dealing with was a fake, it is also estimation that about 2,000 Iraqis are crossing the Jordanian border on a daily basis.
Bush draws a lot of heat from his Iraq plan of adding more troops to the area that looks like more of an escalation of the war in Iraq, critics have come out from both parties on the continuing the escalation of the war and Mr. Bush has challenged lawmakers to find a strategy of their own. The strategy has long been to draw down forces and allow the government of Iraq to begin to look for a solution to this ongoing problem, I mean I don't want to beat a dead horse but that is the plan. Among all this escalation Ms. Rice is supposed to be deployed in the region seeking a peace or cease fire. Bush said the American people will blame him for the Iraqi government installed till after his term,,then, it is someone else's problem.
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  1. Octavian says:

    I started calling it ethic cleansing not too long ago myself. I fear Bush's new Baghdad plan will just me used by the Prime Minister to further explot the Sunnis while allowing Al-Sadr's militia to grow stronger.

    If we don't withdraw immediately, then must must destroy these militias.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for dropping by octavian, yep the PM will do nothing to quell this violence when it concerns some of these militias.

    The way I have heard is that when the military leave an area in Baghdad then these terrorists come back in and set up shop again.

    Our military is taking a hell of a beating from being stressed to the breaking point, we don't have nearly enough to get the job done and it would seem that looking at these polls the Americans are well aware of this fact, but yet we continue on this road to nowhere.

  1. Jim says:

    I know this is off subject, but I think you'll be very interested in this story from The Army Times :


  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks Jim, good story on how the government feels about the troops. And I am putting it mildly there for them to shut down a program such as this, you can bet they have bigger apples up their sleeves, like on how to screw the soldiers out of their disability payments, I know it says support and other things are also provided from these services but, the bottom line is it will take longer for the soldiers to get a disability evaluation and all this coming on the heels of an escalation of the Baghdad bloodbath.