Tax Cut & The Minimum Wage

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Democrats are eying a tax cut for the middle class, what boggles my mind is that a lot of people in Kentucky must be ill-informed of Mitch McConnell's stance against the working class of this country, I think we have proved the public is not informed or really don't care what is taking place here? The fact is whether we are talking about the minimum wage or middle America the stance is always the same, look for Mitch he will be on the side of corporate wealth and greed and really is one of the worst Senators we have in the state and the Unions of this state would do good to wage a full court press against the re-election of this stuffed shirt.
We have to many as it is standing against middle America right now, it is high time the minimum wage was raised by the Dem's lead by Nancy and I know that most Kentuckians out there would welcome this living on a week to week paycheck, just remember when it comes time to vote cast a vote for middle America and the working class and send the ones home that are in there merely to hinder the common good of working Americans.

The point Mitch was really making is this; we are not raising tax on all my rich buddies so that the average American can take home a bigger paycheck. Just say what you really mean Mitch quit beating around the 'Bush'. I think Mitch tucked in another little $20 million some where or the other, oh yeah, a victory party or something I believe.
In the third and final presidential debate, Oct. 13, Bush said he supported Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) minimum-wage proposal. But McConnell never introduced such a bill. The Hill reported in April that McConnell was working on a plan to increase the minimum wage from $5.15 to $6.25 an hour, but McConnell never formally introduced his bill, which was described as an effort to provide centrist Republicans political cover to vote against Kennedy’s bill.
But McConnell has made his voice heard before, Mitch looks out for one person,,,himself.

Adopting the rules of the House title IV
Vote Passed (280-152, 3 Not Voting)

During consideration of the resolution setting House rules for the 110th Congress, the chamber approved this section that is intended to reform the earmark process and to reduce deficit spending.

Ben Chandler-(D) yes
Geoff Davis-(R) No
Ron Lewis-(R) No
Harold Rogers-(R) No
Edward Whitfield-(R) Yes
John Yarmuth-(D) Yes

We are still getting a lot of hindrance in Washington and a lot of talk is going around now concerning bipartisanship, to me this simply means to give into every thing or most things concerning the Republican mess that has now got us to this point we are at. Record deficits and an Iraq quagmire, it looks as though it will still be a struggle to get America back from the far right track the previous Congress and administration has gotten us into.
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  1. Hey, did you listen to the debate yesterday?
    Wanting to tie in Health Care to leave the Minimum Wage @ $5.15 hr? Those republicans. Maybe we should pay them $5.15 and hr and let them pony up their own share of a co-pay on health care.
    Bet they'd surely change their mind!
    Also, at that rate, for the what, 103 days they actually worked last year, hmmmmmm..............

  1. Floyd says:

    Yep, this is always their argument. Oppress the middle class and the poor of this country. That's like Mitch does always talking this garbage while he himself is a millionaire.

    I think Congress will pass the minimum wage, but anytime you try to do something like this it is always a fight with the conservative wing-nuts.

    But if only big numbers of middle class and poor votes in the election, it would be the only way to oust the rest of these tyrants.

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